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One of the most amazing people you will ever meet.She is weird...but in a good way. SHe will keep you laughing! She is usually a peacemaker. She likes to help people with any problems and she tends to be a sweet heart. She is a great friend to have because she will listen to all of your problems and if you need her to keep a secret she wont tell a soul. She has BEAUTIFUL hair. It works no matter how she has it.Her eyes are what pulls you in. You can tell her mood just by staring into them. She is also a good girlfriend. Loyalty is one of her key traits. SHe would never go behind someones back. She loves life and you will usually see her smiling. If you know an Ashlyn , you dont want to let her go. She is a diamond in the rocks.
Me:Do you know an Ashlyn?
Him: Yeah shes my girl
Me: Dude your so lucky
by Alyssa1233 February 20, 2013
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Ashlyn is one of the prettiest girls in the world, and she smiles so bright, Heaven is jealous. When you get an Ashlyn to be your friend, thank the Lord because she will be the kindest, sweetest, smartest, funniest, most loyal, most brilltastic person you will ever meet. Although they are known sometimes to be sassy and to want to win arguments, Ashlyns will still be just as good a friend they have always been in the end, and they will realize that there is no point in arguing with you if you are good friends who are free to have your own opinions. Warning: some Ashlyns come with dirty minds. xD
โ€œI met this girl and I think she and I will get along really well... she's kind, honest, generous, funny, and loyal!โ€
โ€œWhat's her name?โ€

โ€œShe's so pretty, nice, and smart. She's such an Ashlyn!โ€
by Super Epic Girl November 06, 2014
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Ashlyn has long pretty eyelashes and very thick eyebrows, her hair is brown and it shines in the sun, although she is very emotional about very little things don't break her heart or you will regret it.
Ashlyn can be very pretty and has soft heart
by Fghjjhgff July 08, 2017
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Ashlyn is a very beautiful girl. She's has a great sense of humor. When your feeling down she's always right there to cheer you up. She has a great personality and everyone loves her. She's very athletic and a great singer. She's one of the greates friends you"ll ever find.
"Did you see that Ashlyn over there. She's so funny and gorgeous . I wish I had her as a friend!"
by Scuba1686 November 06, 2016
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A very gorgeous girl. This girl usually has the prettiest eyes in the world. When around her you laugh a lot and watch awesome movies. A girl named Ashlyn is hot and sexy and everyone wants to be around her. This girl is nice and friendly and just wants to have fun. She's simple and fun loving. An Ashlyn loves to make jokes and has a great time with guys.
" Wow she's amazing." "Must be Ashlyn"
by bobarabaroo December 26, 2009
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A fun, loving, talented, outgoing girl who is often misjudged. They usually have the prettiest eyes in the world and are extremely funny. Some may be tall, but most Ashlyn's are semi-short. Ashlyn's love to hang out with guys and girls get extremely jealous of them because they are so pretty and fun to be around. They love to party and have a good time, so if you're friends with an Ashlyn you know you're in for a wild night. Ashlyn's are also very caring and delicate people so really appreciate them.
Friend: Who's that?
Guy: Oh that's ashlyn the most perfect girl in the World
Friend: Wow I'd tap that hottie
by 2awsome4u September 12, 2010
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