Staying in somewhere beyond the time that permitted.
I don't want to overstay here. After all, I have no much time for going away.
by Higgwart January 1, 2016
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Someone in illegal immigration situation, without work permit or visa or non resident.
Hey, dude, are you legally entitled to work in Australia?

Nah, I am actually overstayed.
by muliaina January 9, 2011
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An event taking place at, what could be, near the end of a league of legend game. The famous (and greatest) german gaming community OEBTA tends to find godless, illegally disgusting ways to throw games, after pushing an inhibitor. Easily swinging 5 to 10k gold leads, making a won game excitingly close again.

This is, most of the time, not a play by play mistake, it usually gets called minutes ahead of time. A mix of pure greed, unchecked egos and by now the running gag of it all, mind controlles them again and again into overstaying.
After taking baron with enemies on a 25s death timer without taking a reset, running towards toplane inhibitor:
"careful this feels like an OEBTA Overstay"

Shit hits the fan
"here we are again"

"more giggles"

"take bot wave"
by Nauco March 26, 2023
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When your family overstays until very late into the night or even overnight sometimes. When everyone around you knows you have to be stupid to see your family this much.
My family overstayed today, they were at my house from 2pm until 3am.

Your friend: dude wtf why did your family overstay that long what were you doing for 13 hours.
by averagejimguy January 29, 2023
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