ESTRANGE implies the development of indifference or hostility with consequent
separation or divorcement <his estranged wife>. ...
Pamela Anderson's estranged husband is such a looser for letting that hottie get away.
by luisjedi July 27, 2006
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The derivation of this word is from "The Stranger" (sitting on one's hand until it is numb, and then pleasuring oneself). Following the same principle, the Estranger is when a brother sits on his sister's hand until it is numb, and then she pleasures him. The numbness negates any incestuous pretense.
Jessica thought her half brother was hot, but she was afraid to act on the impulse. Just so it wasn't weird, he suggested that she give him the estranger.
by Seagull Hater June 5, 2009
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a place worse than the friend zone. It's the place guys go when they cross the line of friendship and the girl isn't interested. Instead of simply going back into the friend zone, he goes to a place where he's almost avoided at all costs no matter how good of a "friend " he was before. He becomes less than a stranger perhaps not even receiving a greeting in public. It's more awkward being around her since she will always have in the back of her mind these "feelings" the guy now has she "never" knew about that she doesn't want to contribute to. If she truly didn't know, she didn't do anything but be herself. Thus her lack of comfort or excessive concern for not being misleading is completely unfounded and often becomes more annoying than anything. If this happens to you, call the girl's bluff of "let's just be friends" by initially being available but gradually if not suddenly no longer going out your way to do anything for her and NOT initiating contact with her. Let her miss the "good friend" she had after she dates some more jerks who probably spared you their problem. It's not a fun place to be but pays off wnen this same "friend" is still single well into her 30s complaining about how a "good man" is hard to find. Meanwhile, you've moved on to your happily ever after knowing that you was that "good man" she passed on.

Note: Nothing wrong with being a single woman in her 30s. The issue is with "complaining" about the lack of good men since many "good men" fell into the "nice guy" or "jaf" category years earlier.
You still in the friend zone with that chick?

Nah, even worse. I'm in the estranged zone. She only calls me when she's arguing with her boyfriend. Other than that, she avoids me like the plague.
by Doublestuff December 5, 2008
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The slogan to beat the Coronavirus /COVID-19 Pandemic.

"Soap" is a reminder to wash your hands and sanitize everything!
"Estrange" is a reminder to keep social distancing and stay at home where you can wear your Covid Mullet!
To stay safe in the pandemic, never forget "Soap and Estrange!"

Stop all your insane antisocial nearing and rely on Soap and Estrange.

In 2008 the US voted for Hope and Change-- In 2020 we have to vote for Soap and Estrange.
by NeologianPJG April 8, 2020
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A term describing a hypothetical 'Uncle' figure. In humorous anecdotes the estranged uncle may be cited as a family member whose life is too random to be true, and is thus hilarious.

Generally used as an inside joke, and as an alternative to "thats what she said".
"I visited my estranged uncle of eight years- the lion taming pentecostal evangelist- yesterday."


On TV I saw my estranged jazz percussionist uncle asking a Bachelorette to marry him with the promise of years of flowers and tamborine solos. She said maybe.
by someguyfromabbotsford August 4, 2009
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A collective of online gamers (and people who try) who play many games, including VC, SoF2, Doom3 and CSS. We like to smoke a lot of weed and drink exessive amounts of alcohol.
can i join tec? ooh can i can i? please please pleas?

no, feck off tbh
by Angelfire June 9, 2005
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