Mira is a very nice and pretty person. She is very loyal and loves to mess around. She sometimes has a mean resting face, but don't let that fool you. Mira's usually have long hair and brown eyes. Mira's will never step away from a challenge and are always eager to make new friends. They can be quiet at times, but when you get to know them, they'll never stop talking. I know a Mira and she is literally the best person you will ever meet. Don't be afraid to befriend a Mira.
Me before I knew Mira: Hi Mira, What's up?
Mira: Nothing....

Me when I know Mira: Hi Mira, What's up?
Mira: OH MY GOSH! Did you see what (so in so) did in 3rd period. S/He went to ....blahblahblahblahblah...
Me:um.....That's cool
by B0R$(-_-)/ March 20, 2019
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Mira has to be the best person you know. People call her weird but they're secretly jealous of her. She's hilarious, outgoing and a very bubbly person. She has an amazing and unique sense of humor that always manages to crack you up. She is gorgeous although she denies it. She somehow knows everything about everyone but only shares what needs to be shared and should be shared. She can keep a secret better than anybody else. She has a pretty big group of friends but only a couple friends are considered her best friend, that she has millions of inside with. She has a laugh that instantly puts a smile to her face. She always makes you feel better and she will stand up to what she knows is right. She will never judge you, although she is scared she'll be judged. Despite her fears of being judged, she will always be herself. She is a very forgiving person, even if that means forgiving the wrong people. She will make you feel better no matter how big your problem is, and always will find a way to solve it. It's hard to get in an argument with her because her opinion almost always the correct one. She dreams about her future a lot. Mira is a funny, charming, unique, loving person that will make you many memories of being there friend! If a Mira is in your life, have fun with them and make sure to become friends with it for an amazing opportunity of a friendship!
Me: Mira, you're amazing
Mira: Haha, no you are

Me: Why does nobody have a crush on me?
Mira: I have a crush on you!

Somebody: Global warming isn't real
Mira: Neither is your mom's boobs
by I_Am_Sashimi January 1, 2021
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The kind of girl you can't help but fall in love with. Incredibly intelligent, wise beyond her years, and unfairly good at everything she does. She has more charm than anyone else you'll ever meet, and guys and girls alike are falling all over her. She can be a little abrasive at first, distancing herself with biting wit and snarky insults, but deep down she's a very sensitive and caring person. The kind of girl who writes artful poetry and prose and makes beautiful music. She is overflowing with life. If you befriend a Mira she will always look out for you, and make you happier than anyone else in the world. Be careful not to fall for her though. If you do, you'll never be able to move on. No matter how far apart you are, you'll never be able to stop thinking about her.
I know it's been two years, but I can't stop thinking about Mira. God, I miss her so much.
by hopelessly devoted July 11, 2019
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Mira is a very beautiful name and belongs to a very beautiful spirit. Mira is a very outgoing person she loves to help others when she can. She loves going for walks, having long romantic convos, and she loves to eat. She also has a very shy side to her but don’t let that fool you if she gets comfortable enough she’ll be more than your eyes could handle and her goofy personality is out of this world. She in known to be a very artsy girl she loves drawing and she’s very photogenic. Mira loves fashion such as skinny jeans, little shirts, and hats. She loves whatever fits her style and she is quite the eye catcher she has beautiful melanin skin and pretty eyes and gorgeous short hair, she looks great in everything she wears. Mira is different she has a story behind her eyes deeper than you would expect, she has been through a lot in life and her story would make you drown in tears but that’s what makes her unique and very strong.
Y’all seen that girl Mira, damn she fineee!
by Secret person1234 February 19, 2019
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A human that has gold for eyes and is made only of space dust, rainclouds and summer winds.
Mira is the wind and the wings of pomegranate birds
by WhereTheWonderlandGrows May 29, 2018
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she’s the prettiest person i know. maybe she’s not the best at school but she’s really smart. she has brown hair and pretty brown eyes. she’s shy, but if you get to know her better she’s the most caring, funny, loud and nice person you will ever meet. she’s loyal and is there for everyone even if she has own problems. you can always count on her. much people know her. she has a great style and ab great personality and sense of humour. she can keep secrets. she will make you feel better no matter how hard your problem is and she will always make you laugh. you make the best memories with her. she has been trough so much but always found a way and never gave up. she will never let you down. care about her. if you have a mira in your life you’re blessed, she’s the best person i’ve ever met. thank you for everything. <3
mira do you have time rn? i’m not feeling really good

yes ofc im in school rn but i’ll call you asap
by jxm January 23, 2022
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Mira is a extremely lovable girl. Mira's are usually the smartest in their class and will go to extreme lengths to show it. Mira's are loyal people and when given a chance, could grow to be your bff.
Oh my gosh! Mira is amazing!!!!!!!
by M24rox May 29, 2016
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