a person who is well rounded in playing various percussion instruments that include: Marimba, timpani, cymbals, snare, bass drum, Piano, synthesizer, bell tree, chimes, tom toms, tenors, gong, slap stick, maracas, etc. They should be skilled in all of these, for example: being able to play an awsome snare duet while running back to your vibes to play a 4 mallet solo. They also have to be able to read music, wether in bass or treble cleff.
Ana: So you're a drummer?
Mike: No! I'm a percussionist.
by pit chik January 3, 2007
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1) Someone who plays percussion instruments (i.e. Keyboards, snare, bass, tenors, timpani). Not someone who plays drumset (that is a drummer). A percussionist is well versed in all percussion instruments.
I'm a percussionist so I don't just play wannbe drumset for some rock band.
by Scot December 10, 2004
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A more technical name for 'the person who plays percussion'. Stereotypically male, but the females shud never b underestimated. Percussion instruments include (but are not limited to) Glockenspiel, Marimba, Xylophone, timbalis, kettle drums, timpanis, crashed cymbals, tambourine, bongos, congas, granite blocks, drum kit. Although some people think that guitars and keyboards are percussion, they are NOT. Keyboards, guitars, and bass are part of the rhythm section of a band, but not part of the percussion section. Drum kit is counted as a percussion instrument. The percussionist(s) is/are usually the coolest section in the band.
Flortist: Hey look at that percussionist, he's very rhythmic isn't he?
Pianist: You just think he's fit/
Male Flortist: Oh yeth darling, he's truly marvellous
Pianist: He is good though. What would we do without him?
Percussionist: Well if I left, there's always the hot female percussionist who could take my place

Note: Female percussionists although rarer than male, are always hot. And when I say always, I pretty much mean, always.
by Perc_uss January 12, 2006
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A guy who pretends to be a musician, and always wants to jam with them, but who can't be bothered to really learn to play anything real.
What do you call a guy who hangs around with musicians? A percussionist.
by Adman12 September 7, 2005
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A person that plays percussion. Percussion is a section of a band that that keeps time or beat, but can also help carry the melody. A percussion instrument is defined as any instrument that is striked or hit. A percussionist is a drummer in a band that can play many different striking and hitting instruments of rhythmic and melodic natures proficiently. A percussionist does not have to be able to play every instrument available all over the world or be perfect at each instrument, but should be proficient enough in a good number of isntruments. How good a percussionist is is not measured by how many instruments they can name or play with mediocracy but by how many instruments they can play well. Most importantly, a percussionist not only can read the beats as most percussionists and drummers are stereotypically said to read, but a true percussionist also reads music. Such as scales and triads and notations and octaves. No percussion can name all of the percussion instruments out in the world because the numbers are exceedingly high. Some examples of percussion instruments are as follows but are definately not limited to the following. Marimba, Vibraphone, Xylaphone, Bells, Chimes, Wind Chimes, Snare Drum, Bass, Drum, Tenor drums, Timpanis, Cymbals, Temple Blocks, Guiros, Gongs, Congas, Bongos, Timbales, Toms, Cabasas(Also known as Afuches), Ching Choks, Claves, Caxixis, Rain Sticks, Shakers, Maracas, Ganzas, Kokirikos, Shekeres, Acheres, Guatacas, Barbells, Tambourines, Cuica, Talking Drums(that's actually the name of a drum), Repiniques, Pandieros, Caixas, Malacachetas, Steel Drums, Djembes, Cajons, Darbukas, Doumbeks, and Cowbells.

I dragged that list on for a long time just to give you an idea of how many instruments can called upon as a percussion, and jsut how hard it would be to name them all. And that list is still not a limit to all the instruments out there, and all those instruments listed and the others each have their own technique to be played with, and their own sound.

Also and finally, there are other special effects or coloring instruments such as whistles, that are considered a percussion instrument but do not strike or hit. It is not technically a percussion instrument but is used all the time by percussionist. Another disclaimer is about pianos, bass guitars, and electric or acoustic guitars. A piano by definition is a percussion instrument because inside the piano, there are metal beaters hitting different lengthed bars to make notes, making it a percussion instrument, even though you press the keys to make the function occur. Keyboards are not always technically a percussion instrument because not all keyboards use a striking method, but they are consider percussion instruments anyawy because they are so closely related to the piano. Bass guitars, and Electric nad Acoustic guitars, even though they are in rhythm sections of the band, they are not percussion instruments because they do not strike or hit.

A percussionist is not to be confused with a drummer. Knowing what a percussionist is now, a drummer is someone that only plays the drumset or can only read beats or rhythms and not music.

Percussion instruments are used in concert bands, symphonies, percussion ensembles, marching bands, and in churches and rituals.

Percussionist can play for a hobbie, for a living, a side job, or a even a charity.

People are not musicians or percussionist because they can't get a job or make money or couldn't go to college, but because they have a gift, and those with the gift will continue to use their gift to the fullest ability, and play the instrument they play because it is difficult and takes a special skill that not many people in the world can master.
Wow, he is a really fluent percussionist, he can play so many different striking instruments fluently.
by NaPerc November 19, 2006
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People who play percussion. Mostly tend to be guys. The most important, talented and smartest section in a band. Have to be able to play multiple instruments (including but not limited to: snare, bass, tympani, cymbal, triangle, tenor, chimes, piano, xylophone, etc.). Usually tend to be very sexy, and have HUGE dicks. A lot of the time are very cocky, are have lots of self confidence, high self esteem, and can be dicks sometimes.
Look at those percussionists, they're SOOO hot and talented
by Percussion101 April 7, 2014
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The professional asshole of the band. Cymbals, the grunts if the section, are responsible for getting the higher caliber percussionists' stands and music. Snares, the drive of the section, hit each others sticks out of their hands, turns off one anothers' snares, and blames the cymbals for mistakes. Likes hitting rimshots as loud as possible even when not appropriate. Quints or Quads, have the biggest egos of the section and tend to boss everyone around. Also Bass Drums. Who really just serve as targets for the Snares or the Quints' sticks.
Percussionists-Snare: Cymbals! Stop fucking around and get back on beat!
Quints: We are so great that we dont even need a director. All other instruments are inferior.
Cymbals: Pancakes!
by Drumlover May 20, 2016
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