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When the world and the people in it are so astonishingly terrible that you swear endlessly to the point where swearing is no longer sufficient to express the horror, and swearing fails. FFS.
Jeepers! Jeepers?... Huh. I must've broke my swearer.

...Shit. Fuck. Damn. Hell. Aw heck! Gollygeewillickers anyway, all this goll dang shirt is so totally forked up that I done went and broke my swearer.
by NeologianPJG April 18, 2020
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The politically correct, more acceptable, and refined term for the vulgar, common, "FascistAss."
The FascistRump in the oval office fawns over dictators and offends democratic leaders.
by NeologianPJG June 14, 2018
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Conald Trump is a friend to tyrants in North Korea and Russia, and a foe to longtime US allies.
by NeologianPJG July 22, 2018
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Orange Dawn is an update of Red Dawn (1984).

Tag line: No foreign power has occupied the American Presidency. Until Now.

Opening narration: Russia finds a weak, loser, pseudo-billionaire to manipulate... Russia invests in social media bot technology and social media ads, and hacks the political parties in the United States... In 2016 Russia installs an Orange Puppet President. This is the Orange Dawn.

In Red Dawn, the war cry is Wolverine!

In Orange Dawn the war cry is Halloween!
The Mueller investigation is exploring the effects of Orange Dawn.
by NeologianPJG February 1, 2018
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The opposite of social distancing.

In a pandemic when people ignore the advice of social distancing and instead engage in antisocial nearing activities like shaking hands, hugging, and spending time in large crowds.
That coughing, sniffling, lunatic went in for a full-on antisocial nearing hug when the CDC says we should be practicing social distancing.

The President of the United States for weeks encouraged antisocial-nearing, telling everyone not to worry because the pandemic was under control and might just disappear.
by NeologianPJG March 12, 2020
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Mettle is a person's ability to cope and persevere.

Metal fatigue is when metal is stressed, cracks, and breaks-- sometimes with tragic consequences.
So when someone's mettle is exhausted, leading to personal breakdown, we can call it mettle fatigue.
The year of COVID-19 pandemic social distancing and isolation has led to near universal mettle fatigue.

Dealing with people's antisocial nearing results in mettle fatigue that might not even be comforted by the alcoholy trinity .
by NeologianPJG March 2, 2021
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Mettle means your ability to cope and persevere, so when your coping skills are exhausted, this is known as mettle fatigue.
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused near universal mettle fatigue.

Mettle fatigue caused a catastrophic failure to follow social distancing guidelines and resulted in a super spreader event with copious amounts of antisocial nearing .
by NeologianPJG February 24, 2021
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