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When the act of treason becomes one's ordinary everyday humdrum, so that it seems just downright reasonable.
They wanted to 'lock her up' so bad that Trumpadict Donald} getting the traitor tots involved in colluding with the Russians to interfere in the election just felt treasonable.
by NeologianPJG April 19, 2019
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When you drive 10 hours to see the total eclipse in the so-called path of totality, but all you see is thunder clouds and pouring rain, standing in a Missouri field.
At least we only spent 750 bucks on the hotel room so we could be in the path of totalshitty.
by NeologianPJG August 22, 2017
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The slogan to beat the Coronavirus /COVID-19 Pandemic.

"Soap" is a reminder to wash your hands and sanitize everything!
"Estrange" is a reminder to keep social distancing and stay at home where you can wear your Covid Mullet!
To stay safe in the pandemic, never forget "Soap and Estrange!"

Stop all your insane antisocial nearing and rely on Soap and Estrange.

In 2008 the US voted for Hope and Change-- In 2020 we have to vote for Soap and Estrange.
by NeologianPJG April 8, 2020
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When the world and the people in it are so astonishingly terrible that you swear endlessly to the point where swearing is no longer sufficient to express the horror, and swearing fails. FFS.
Jeepers! Jeepers?... Huh. I must've broke my swearer.

...Shit. Fuck. Damn. Hell. Aw heck! Gollygeewillickers anyway, all this goll dang shirt is so totally forked up that I done went and broke my swearer.
by NeologianPJG April 18, 2020
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Conald Trump is a friend to tyrants in North Korea and Russia, and a foe to longtime US allies.
by NeologianPJG July 22, 2018
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The politically correct, more acceptable, and refined term for the vulgar, common, "FascistAss."
The FascistRump in the oval office fawns over dictators and offends democratic leaders.
by NeologianPJG June 14, 2018
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The opposite of social distancing.

In a pandemic when people ignore the advice of social distancing and instead engage in antisocial nearing activities like shaking hands, hugging, and spending time in large crowds.
That coughing, sniffling, lunatic went in for a full-on antisocial nearing hug when the CDC says we should be practicing social distancing.

The President of the United States for weeks encouraged antisocial-nearing, telling everyone not to worry because the pandemic was under control and might just disappear.
by NeologianPJG March 12, 2020
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