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The opposite of social distancing.

In a pandemic when people ignore the advice of social distancing and instead engage in antisocial nearing activities like shaking hands, hugging, and spending time in large crowds.
That coughing, sniffling, lunatic went in for a full-on antisocial nearing hug when the CDC says we should be practicing social distancing.

The President of the United States for weeks encouraged antisocial-nearing, telling everyone not to worry because the pandemic was under control and might just disappear.
by NeologianPJG March 12, 2020
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When the world and the people in it are so astonishingly terrible that you swear endlessly to the point where swearing is no longer sufficient to express the horror, and swearing fails. FFS.
Jeepers! Jeepers?... Huh. I must've broke my swearer.

...Shit. Fuck. Damn. Hell. Aw heck! Gollygeewillickers anyway, all this goll dang shirt is so totally forked up that I done went and broke my swearer.
by NeologianPJG April 18, 2020
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1. In a pandemic the 3 wholly necessary alcohols are hand-sanitizer, alcohol-wipes, and a good stiff drink.

2. Drinking 3 times a day (Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner) every day during a pandemic, so the three drinking times miraculously become one, and all the days miraculously become like one day.

3. Three-in-One Bar: Lager, Rum, & holy spirits
Stay safe from the Coronavirus by remembering soap and estrange, no antisocial nearing, keeping social distance, and relying on the alcoholy trinity to make it through your day.

We need to visit a bar with the alcoholy trinity so everyone's prayers are answered, and everyone can drink what they like.

Whoa! After that last Zoom meeting, I'm pretty sure our co-worker Marty has been reverencing the alcoholy trinity for the past 2 months, non-stop. Plus, I'm pretty sure he was wearing a covid mullet.
by NeologianPJG April 16, 2020
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Conald Trump is a friend to tyrants in North Korea and Russia, and a foe to longtime US allies.
by NeologianPJG July 22, 2018
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When someone butt dials you through facebook's phone calling feature, it is properly known as a buttfacebookdial.

Buttfacebookdial is a special form of buttdial, or butt dial.
I just got a buttfacebookdial from my brother.

When I put my phone in my pocket I buttfacebookdialed my boss and lost my job, because I had called in sick.
by NeologianPJG May 04, 2016
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Toilet paper is a stupid term. If you tend to your nose at the center of your face with facial tissue. then you must tend to your butthole at the center of your ass (aka your assfault) with assial tissue.
The first shortage during the pandemic was assial tissue, which people stupidly call toilet paper.
by NeologianPJG April 19, 2020
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The opposite of MicroAggression.

The way to make it possible to think the best of each other when unintentional MicroAgressions take place is to set the stage with undeniable MacroPleasantries.
Instead of walking on eggshells in the meeting, I propose we make explicit our best intentions by being openly kind, intentionally and obviously supportive through our practice of MacroPleasantry.
by NeologianPJG January 22, 2019
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