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Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Largest school in the PA State System of Higher Ed, and the only one that confers doctoral degrees. Has a horrible reputation due to extremely low undergrad admissions standards, giving it big "party school" image. Eventually, unqualified students are weeded out via one of three paths: a) they are academically dismissed due to being a total idiot, b) they are expelled for behavior violatons (usually alcohol-related), or c) they withdraw from all their classes and go to trade school. Despite this, IUP has some very bright students, and undergrad classes are taught by top-notch doctoral-level faculty, almost all of whom have Ph.D's or the equivalent in their fields.
Student A: What schools are you applying to?

Student B: I got accepted to all that I applied to...I'm going to IUP.
Student A: You mean I Usually Party?
Student B: Yeah, but I plan to actually go to class, study, and not be a drunken asshat.
by angelfire November 21, 2012
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A city in Western Pennsylvania of around 28,000 and shrinking, and unfortunately my hometown. Johnstown, though once a hive of activity from the steel and coal industries, is now a dying town that is barely kept alive by skilled industries such as healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Johnstown is now populated mainly by retirees, who labor under the delusion that you can still get a job in the stillmill. Most young people stay in the area long enough to finish up school or college, and then move on to greener pastures.

Johnstown has very little social activities other than churches and bars, sometimes within 10 feet of each other. If you are not a working-class Catholic who likes cheap beer, you are very unlikely to feel connected to this community.
Welcome to Johnstown, PA, please check your vitality and ambition at the door.
by angelfire March 29, 2015
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A collective of online gamers (and people who try) who play many games, including VC, SoF2, Doom3 and CSS. We like to smoke a lot of weed and drink exessive amounts of alcohol.
can i join tec? ooh can i can i? please please pleas?

no, feck off tbh
by Angelfire June 09, 2005
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A city of around 300,000 in southwestern Pennsylvania. Though once an industrial headquarters and a synonym for "dirty, polluted shithole," Pittsburgh has re-invented itself with the advent of technology, healthcare, financial services, and skilled trades. Pittsburgh has been named one of the top 10 cleanest cities in America, and is on track to become the #1 cleanest in less than a decade. Relocation to Pittsburgh is increasing, with the low cost of living being a big draw.

Residents of Pittsburgh fall under two extremes. If you go up to a stranger on the street and talk to them, they'll either talk to you as if they've been your best friend for 40 years, or like you just murdered their puppy with a butterknife.

Unfortunately, since technical and white-collar jobs are on the rise, blue-collar jobs in Pittsburgh are on the decline, and companies have re-located over the years. This means that unemployment, though not as bad as in Central PA, is a problem. If you don't have certain skills/training, a college degree, or preferably both, Pittsburgh is going to be a difficult place to live. This is a very sore subject with a lot of long-time residents, many of whom are either out of work or doing jobs that they're overqualified for. This leads to a lot of bitterness and hostility, meaning that a conversation with a native yinzer usually ends with them insulting you, your masculinity, where you're from, what you do for a living, or all of the above.
PittsburghYinzer: "Go fuck yourself you stupid whiny Millenial. I bet my wife could beat the shit out of your pansy New York ass."

Me: "Sorry dude, can't stay and chat. I've got to get to work. Unfortunately some of us still have jobs. And by the way I'm from Boston."
by angelfire October 12, 2017
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