to be very angry or mad
i am infuriated that my phone scored with my girlfriend more then me.
by b quarter May 12, 2006
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when your new computer is locked down like fort knox, and you don't have the password
It is infuriating when the clock on the computer is set for 2001 and you can't change it with out a password.
by moi2010 February 04, 2010
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Means Pissed, Flustered, Enraged, Angered and Hot
Jennifer was Infuriated with the loss of her Hollister Jeans and Nikes
by Amensed February 10, 2020
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a internal meter that measures your level of fury.
My infuriator is about to blow
by Quatra January 16, 2011
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A short tempered, sassy female on a glorious rampage after being penetrated in the thigh with some form of innocent foreplay
I was trying to get her attention and turn her on by poking her leg when she quickly transformed into an infuriated jellyfish
by Mattallica February 27, 2017
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