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(verb): To walk on a health club's treadmill for a prolonged period in an attempt at losing weight. Less commonly it can refer to running on the treadmill or using an elliptical trainer. In most instances, a treadmill workout qualifies as hamstering if done at such a leisurely pace that one is unlikely to lose much weight or derive significant cardiovascular benefits.
Now that summer's approaching, your typical cardio bunny will hamster away in the gym, in the hope that she'll look good at the beach.
by Peter May 17, 2006
When a guy crawls under a table and surprises an unsuspecting women with a surprise cuntlick
I'd love to give that hot bird a sculick.
by Peter November 14, 2003
Unbelievably Fucken Obvious
That Idiot is so UFO!
by Peter October 11, 2005
Is it possible to be gay and frum at the same time?
by Peter December 16, 2003
An expensive car, especially one which serves as a status symbol. A suit covered anus typically will drive an alphanumeric. The term comes from the practice among most auto manufacturers of using alphanumeric designations on expensive car models, as opposed to the model names used for cheaper cars, e.g. Infiniti G35 vs. Nissan Altima, or Lexus ES 350 vs. Toyota Camry.
There's nothing like driving an alphanumeric to show people that you're a big shot.
by Peter December 27, 2006
tone word: what dick matter ah
an open question asked when one is annoyed or being dominant
mut lun yeah ah?! can't you see i'm busy doing my thing?

mut lun yeah ah?! This is my playground so get the fuck out of here!
by Peter February 8, 2005
(1)exclamatory term used when one person tricks, fools, pwns, or does something to someone without their consent; (2)this can also be said about doing something to the community at large instead of directed towards one person

** "gotems" is generally always accompanied by jovial laughter
(1) your friend passes out on the couch and you shave his eyebrows. whe he wakes up he's like "what the fuck?!" and you say "Hahaha.... Gotems!"

(2) you destroy half a city block using sledgehammers and dynomite. As you drive away happily, you say "Gotems!"

** preferred term of mockery by the class of 04 from Winter Springs High School...woot
by Peter December 2, 2004