The philosophy believing that all good and productive effort begins with the individual. The egoist, or one who follows egoism, seeks to better himself and views others a mutual partners and possible traders. Egoism is not synonimous with hedonism.
I earned the money. So its mine. But if you want it, then I'll give you two dollars for that good looking hamburger.
by TAPQOE June 6, 2004
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Psychological (descriptive):
the claim that each person is only interested in their own welfare
Ethical/rational (normative):
the belief that an ethical/rational decision is one that is in ones own self interest
if you believe in egoism, everyone is an egoist
that guys such a dick, i bet he believes in egoism
by MiSTER PiBB January 3, 2010
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A state of mind where one thinks more about oneself than the others. Egoism is the opposite of altruism.
All the burgers are mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. All twentyeight of them. And you get nada, because you're a bunch of suckers and I won't give you.
Mine. Mine.
<smock> <smock>
<blam> <smack>
Hey! give my burgers back.
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Egoisme er en person som tror han er god. Bedre kendt som en Emil.
Når man f.eks. vælger ikke at gide at spille med sine eneste venner, fordi man udelukkende prøver at få en god rank.
by GOD VEN, EMIL! April 13, 2016
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A political ideology that states that the only important thing should be yourself, and all actions should be done out of self-interest and selfishness. For dickheads who don't even wanna conform in an anarchist society. One of the main beliefs of egoism is the concept of 'ghosts in the mind', more commonly called 'spooks'. These refer to societal constructs that influence how somebody should *really* be acting. Don't bother calling out their ego, they take it as a good thing.
Person 1: Oh Daniel? Daniel believes in Egoism.
Person 2: Explains why they fucking left me and Josh to pay for dinner the other night.
by The Pasta Man October 1, 2020
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expanded egoism that is focused on alter ego, a significant other for whom you care as much or even more than for yourself.
Chekhov's Darling is a perfect example of alter–egoism: she gives herself up to her loved ones and lives solely by their interests and feelings. This is her way to cherish her own ego.

Alter–egoism is different from altruism. Altruism is indiscriminate selfless concern for the well-being of others, whereas alter–egoism is very selective: it is directed on alter–egos, i.e. the chosen ones, and thus retains certain qualities of egoism.
by Mike November 4, 2012
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