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What you get when you don't eat food. If you get very hungry, you begin to starve. If you get even more hungry you die.
Hey, yo man. Do you have some shit to give to a poor starvin' soul my brother?

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A region of the world. With it's own goverment.
USA, Norway, and India

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The others is people that is not you or a part of your group, when you are talking about it. Generally the others are the one to blame for everything from your bear getting hot to end of the world. Most people that belongs in the others group are jerks, and are not supposed to be spoken to.
I did not do it, it was the others.

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Steinkjer is a town in Norway. Noone want's to go to Steinkjer.
You don't want to go to Steinkjer.

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The word that describes the sound that you make when having sex, also called orgasm.
Honk is also used instead of saying they had sex.
Some chick is honking in the grass with my brother. She got a nice honking ass.

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A state of mind where one thinks more about oneself than the others. Egoism is the opposite of altruism.
All the burgers are mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. All twentyeight of them. And you get nada, because you're a bunch of suckers and I won't give you.
Mine. Mine.
<smock> <smock>
<blam> <smack>
Hey! give my burgers back.

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A big bulk in the landscape.
Fuck. Dammit. What a big mountain. Let's look at it.

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