The belief that perhaps humans should occasionally give a shit about other humans.

See also: Evolutionary adaptations that precipitate the continuation of life in the universe.
lol, Altruism? Why should I have to pay for someone elses' continued survival? Let natural selection take it's place *lol* (Three-billion years of multicellular evolution for nothing)
by monopole November 26, 2009
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the principle or practice of unselfish concern for or devotion to the welfare of others
She has to much altruism.
by Emo Okami November 28, 2008
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shit that means badasses doing nice things for a while then going back to being cool and black and stuff.
The motorcycle gang was in a state of altruism when they painted the old hookers house but then went back to usual by fucking the old mother fuckin bastard.
by iamnotanandrewtard January 15, 2012
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Paradigm that kindness to a genetically diametric entity will increase language robustness in one's own tribe.

This is because increased male inheritance in one's in-group's offspring leads to greater language-variability.

Thus: language variability selects pressure for male cooperation.
Altruism exists because genes loop; genes loop because language loops.

Thus genes are based on language...
by metawave November 28, 2019
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the deliberate pursuit of the interests or welfare of others or the public interest.
Wow, that Steve McGuire really hooked us up on Yankee tickets. Talk about altruism!
by TOUROFAIL September 23, 2009
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Not removing from the gene pool (slowly, painfully) all the back-stabbing a-holes in your life.
"That *@#!*%#*! back-stabbed me so bad! He/She is lucky I believe in altruism!"

revenge betrayal mercy backstab benevolent
by Concupy August 09, 2009
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The belief that humans where created and manipulated by extraterrestrials. Other tenets include, "all is one" philosophy, and a disdain for love of self.
After his visit to the ancient site, he became interested in Astro-Altruism.
by HennyStargate August 24, 2019
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