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2 definitions by GOD VEN, EMIL!

An amazingly intelligent, savvy creature. Creative and intuitive, she is capable of any task laid before her if she chooses to pursue it. If you are pursuing an Anne-Marie, do not try to do so with romantic gestures, but rather intelligence and humor; she loves to laugh. She is unbelievably hot, you have the best sex with her you can imagine, and she gives incredible BJ's. In business matters, she will have done her homework, so feel free to fire away; she can handle anything you toss her way, however, proceed with caution. She has a memory like an elephant and will not forget what you have done, in spite of the smile on her face. If you are fortunate enough to have an Anne-Marie as a friend, you will be rewarded with fierce loyalty and an occasional surprise. Do not be offended by her sarcasm. Chances are she's from New York and cannot help herself. She will have the utmost respect for you if you can respond in kind. Additionally, she is the most charismatic person you've ever met, and therefore everybody likes her.
Anne-Marie, savvy, intelligent, creative
by GOD VEN, EMIL! June 6, 2020
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Egoisme er en person som tror han er god. Bedre kendt som en Emil.
Når man f.eks. vælger ikke at gide at spille med sine eneste venner, fordi man udelukkende prøver at få en god rank.
by GOD VEN, EMIL! April 13, 2016
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