Emil A guchhi Nigga witha big PENIS!
Finn: DAYUM that Emil NIGGA GOT A 18 INCH diyuck
mr steavens: nice toes
Mackenzi: when am i geting paid?
by greeninja5 June 12, 2019
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Emil is a guy who loves working.who is a amazing lover good friend funny and loves playing sports also pretty active smart. A man with an extremely large penis(12 inches)
He is very confident and walks with a limp.
Look at that confident man with a limp.

Definitely an Emil .when women get near him they get extremely wet...
Emil is a mandingo a African powerful warrior
by Domingo May 10, 2017
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He is smart, funny, cute, wonderful and a very good friend. He is really in to history and is pretty high. He is kind and helpful. If you know a Emil you should thank him. Because he loves you no matter what.
Hmn really liked that guy . It most been a Emil
by Mother fucker 123 October 18, 2019
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Emil's er guys, who are extremely wonderful and funny.
by MihelleDelle November 29, 2011
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Emil is a Russian sexy boy who has a big dick and is strong af and always makes people laugh when their upset
Oh i need Emil he is my sexy boy

2 girls fight over emil
by Lig my wang October 26, 2018
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Emil is a chad and a total madman. He will steal your girl. He is the opposite of a simp.
Did you hear, about Emil last night?
Yeah, I heard he fucked 12 women in 4 hours!
by sipsi11 April 15, 2020
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A super hot guy who has the best body ever. He is so handsome, people have passe out when they see him. He also has the biggest penis ever made. He is just perfect!
Wow, there is Emil! I would have let him bang him so hard right now!
by Girlgirlgirl12345 January 1, 2017
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