Method of thinking, manner of drawing ones premises.
One was a left-leaning Atheist, the other was a wealthy Catholic minister with a good edication. They had different premises but held a mutual respect because they were from the same school of thought.
by Banastre July 16, 2004
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When you search something up on Urban dictionary and have to pour bleach in your eyes, then apologize to your school board.
"Insert student name come to the office." You hustle down the dirty ragged hallways of hell, waiting for punishment.

"Why did you search that up?" the bearded principal says in disgust.

You stutter, "I'm sorry, school administrators. I thought this meant something else..." The bearded principal glares at you, clicking his pen.

"Fine," he says. The room practically darkens, "I forgive you, child.."
by Pwaaool February 4, 2021
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Everyone is educated under Music Reviewer Anthony Fantano/theneedledrop's banner. Any song Fantano likes, you like. Any song he doesn't like, you don't like it. You are under his idea's now, you are under his school of thought.
"Hey chat, I am going to listen to X new song,"

*Chat listens, doesn't like it*
*Anthony Fantano bops his head, makes some positive comments.*
*Chat listens, likes the song*
That's The Fantano School of Thought.
by Roshu September 7, 2023
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