Referring to an Asian penis.
Tiffany was expecting the basic lo mein snack, but when she removed Joe Tae Won's pants, she marveled at the size of the eggroll dinner.
by Joe Tae Won October 19, 2005
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The part of the male body that resides between the legs.

Also, a nice Chinese food that has a mixture of meat and vegetables wrapped in a dumpling wrapper.
My eggroll brings girls to tha yard, and they're like
it's better than yours
Damn right
it's better than yours
by Qiao Beauty (^_~) March 5, 2004
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Dude, Lee Wong is such an eggroll.
by lui kang October 11, 2005
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To post a misleading link that promises some interesting or useful content, but actually leads to "the egg song" a japanese influenced flash cartoon. A variant on the rickroll
Instead of locating the super-secret Tron 2 trailer, featuring Lindsey Lohan's left breast as Bit, Jeff was once again eggrolled. Damn.
by alernon August 6, 2008
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an annoying rash on the bottoms of your genitailia aka joshua ruth
joshua "eggroll" ruth
by penisslayer69 April 12, 2010
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An extremely fast drumroll across the snare and toms; like a blur of sound as opposed to distinct beats. Best performed by an egg-shaped drummer with straight arms can not bend much due to the large body mass.
Just throw in an eggroll here for a fill.
by Macko June 7, 2005
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