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widely used limerick term. meaning "for the laugh" or jus de general snare.
-i'l do it for de snare
-snare de balls off me
by Subtle08 February 07, 2008
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A non-derogatory term for someone who does not use drugs or alcohol, named so because in music the snare drum does not get faded.

Straight Edge
Man 1: "Yo does he wanna go out drinking tonight?"
Man 2: "Nah man, I love him but he's a snare."
Man 1: "Really? That guy would be so much fun turnt."
by Menico D'roh September 14, 2017
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1. A trapping device, often consisting of a noose, used for capturing berds and small mammals.

2. Any of the wires or cords stretched across the lower drumhead of a snare drum so as to vibrate against it.

3. Greek delicacy.
"I just spilled coolant all over my snare!"

Person 1: "Something stinks!"
Person 2: "I do believe it is Snare"
by Chooked May 01, 2006
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A Keystone. A cheap, abundant, watered down beer that is extremely popular with students and the youthes of Upstate New Yorks city of Ithaca.
"last Saturday I was at this party with a snare in my hand when my buddy Quintin told me we were all out of snares! I was so pissed I punched a wall."
by dbarken February 10, 2008
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A straight/gay/lesbian who won’t date a bi/pansexual person because they are bi/pan and think that it's gross
Jessica is such a snare she told me that its gross that I'm bi and that she won't date me because of that.
by Strawberry Shotcake August 05, 2018
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