1. A particularly lascivious bastard
2. One who engages in non-discreet ogling of the opposite sex
3. A person who plants cameras underneath office desks
4. The act of planting cameras underneath office desks
1. Man, that guy is such a Wong!
2. KDub wonged the new girl's cube.
by KDubb April 2, 2007
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The best midlaner in the world, often winning 1v1s against Faker. Well known for buying Amplifying Tome first back.
Is also rank 1 Nasus Support in the world
Me: Hows midlane?
My midlaner: I can't win, the enemy is a Wong.
by wongisthebest August 9, 2021
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an Asian man's penis, this word is related to the word wang but that is for non-asians
by alliwantissexsexsex January 17, 2009
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A water bottle bong.

A bong made up of plastic like a Gatorade bottle and homemade products such as a funnel and metal pipe, taped together, then put through a hole.

Hey, man! I left my bong at my house, did you make a Wong instead?
by Chymiychanga November 5, 2014
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When one squeezes his or her ass to assist in masturbation. Can also involve the curling of toes or tightening of the hamstrings.
"Prozac turned my dick into taffy; I really had to Wong to get myself off"
by Erich O. January 18, 2009
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When you replace the word wrong and it also makes fun of a Chinese motherfucker it also can start a group to laugh and once you say it others will to
What WONG mom

your name is over used WONG
by Bears words March 7, 2018
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