The flaming eggroll is like the pink sock, however, the recipient needs to have hemi's so that the rectum is experiencing a burning sensation. The prolapsed rectum looks just like the pink sock, however has a flame red tint due to the itching and burning hemi's. The hemi's may also resemble any food matter that may be extruded from an overcooked eggroll. AKA...The Flaming Eggroll.
Dude, your slutty pregnant wife had a flaming eggroll after I cornholed her turd cutter last night.
by The BBBP's July 11, 2008
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When someone makes you happy. you, being the eggroll, are good on your own, but when someone butters you, you become better. Or when something/one is very pleasant to be around, they are like buttered eggrolls.
Mark, Emily talks about you like buttered eggrolls.
by canigetauhhhhhhhhanimetiddie December 23, 2017
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The act of two guys Double Penetrating an asian woman and pulling out at the same time and having an extreme battle with their dicks to see which one goes in the other one's first and cumming inside their dick.
yo how was that orgy the other night?

Sick, im 6 and 0 with the DP Eggroll

I gotta verse you one day dude
by The all holy Moses January 8, 2012
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When a Turkish wrestler covers the head of his opponents penis with his own foreskin as a sign of submission
Johnny was excited after losing that match with Abdul he was so looking forward to the Turkish eggroll.
by allinyoass November 18, 2013
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when your eating someone's asshole and you get a tongue full of shit and it tastes so foul it makes your tongue curl up into itself resembling an eggroll
last night jose was arrested for receiving a cincinatti eggroll from his 12 y/o cousin.
by loridin64corvair January 17, 2009
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An eggroll is when you are talking to someone, and the second you say goodbye and they turn around, you get a huge eyeful of NECK FAT!!!! Shaped in eggroll form. Usually found in fat black men.

Adam was telling me goodbye, and when he turned around all I could do was salivate to the thought of the delicious eggroll that was serving as eye candy to me.

If only Jamal was asian and not black, the fleshy eggroll would make a lot more sense.
by Salt shaka July 16, 2008
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Columbian eggroll: when you dip your dick in rum throw cocaine on it and then hit her in the mouth with it.
hangin out at a party near the liquor table with a fat sack of yo and a juvenile dirty mind an idea arises that needs to be documented in the book of life only by live demonstration. letting everyone witness the birth of the "columbian eggroll"
by sharknuts November 2, 2011
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