St. Louis slang for fried rice joint. Uniquely nondiscriminatory in St. Louis. Natives have patronized and loved the cuisine for many year.
Man,when I get back home to the Lou. I'm going to get me some Chinaman.
by Streetly Speaking October 9, 2020
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An extremely offensive and racist term to identify people with Asian descent.

** Do not use this word, the consequences are way worse than calling black people the N-word.

The word "Chinaman" first appeared in mid-19th Century, commonly used by Central Pacific Railroad workers as a neutral or non-racist term to identify Chinese descent workers.

Due to their strong ethical culture, Chinese workers were extremely well-behaved, skilled and highly efficient, it was not long until a gradual massive layoffs of European and black workers from 1859 to 1868. Also during this time, Chinese railroad workers' wages has also risen higher than other workers' ($35-40 compared to $30-35 per month). By the end of 1868, Chinese workers became the majority of the CPRR workforce.

Anger and hatred were widely spread among those workers who lost job to the Chinese immigrants, the term "Chinaman" has become a racist term over time. And this is the early origin of the term "Chinaman".
husband: "My father, brother and I all lost our jobs to these Chinamen, this is bloody ridiculous!"

wife: "God damn it. Go out there and get a job you lazy bastard! Don't just stay at home and swear all day long."

husband:"I can't. They don't hire white-men anymore, they only hire those bloody Chinaman!"
by Samuel Paul July 8, 2014
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St. Louis slang for Chinese food, sometimes used by people of african-american descent.
"Mm hmm. Let's go get us some chinaman! I'se hongry as a mah fuckah!"
by Lemuel Gulliver July 22, 2008
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"Going to see the Chinaman" is African-American vernacular for going to get some Chinese take-out food.
I'm tired of McDonald's; let's go see the Chinaman tonight.
by Woody Thomas October 4, 2007
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A racist term to describe a person of Asian origin. Used similarly as Negro to describe a person of African origin. Often used by people who wish to offend Asians but is too afraid to use chink
Plural form is chinamans or chinamen
Wang: I've worked so hard on my C++ algorithms last night, I'm so stressed
Tyrone: Here homie, take some of this, today's 420
(enter racist people)
Racist person 1 (fearless): Fuck off, all chinks and niggers
Racist person 2 (pussy): Yeah, screw the chinamans and negroes.
by Ness April 21, 2006
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The degree to which someone is a Chinaman.
The greater your Chinamanicity, the less human you are.
by Dr. Ron Paul, M.D. September 8, 2008
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Generally reserved for Opium, but can be used for all opiate based drugs.
Me: Got any chinaman's nightcap my man?
Local Drug Dealer: Eh?
by Chrustler March 13, 2006
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