she was really cute as a child. and... now she's an extremely slutty whore.
"Hello everyone. Have you seen my cocaine? Apparently i lost it when screwing 3 guys at once with my gigantic boobs."
-Lindsey Lohan
by raineyyylikebam May 3, 2008
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A dumb girl who is too stupid to realize that her mother is hurting her career. She was a great child actor, but now is better off just falling off a cliff. A theif and a liar that no one thinks is worth saving anymore, because, honestly, she doesn't want help.
Lindsey Lohan: a little ex-celeb that can't make a good movie worth her life.
by notlying2ya March 1, 2011
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a nasty little ho bag that goes out with men 5 times her age.
by xxjustafacexx March 13, 2005
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It's when you go out to a club, get really trashed on booze and drugs, and party until the wee hours of the morning.
It's my birthday and I'm totally gonna do a Lindsey Lohan tonight!
by Mistah Razzmatazz October 10, 2005
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an actress/singer who has absolutly no talent at all yet for some reason everyone loves (like hilary duff....stupid ugly slut)
stupid ugly fat whore whos boobs mysteriously grew 5 sizes over night
by crystal March 5, 2005
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