To get blackout drunk and text everyone in your contacts regarding your whereabouts/night. Only tomorrow will you realize your mistake.
Friend: dude i got ur text from last night, u slept under a car!?
Other kid: Omg, I pulled a pizarro!
by agoodfriend123 August 31, 2009
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-Sexy chick with giant tits that people want to touch.

-A chick other chicks would go lesbian for.

-To be fucked in the ass.

-That bitch was a real Pizarro.

-I want to Pizarro that slut all night.
by Kathy Hiegel July 27, 2008
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Catherine is the most Amazing girl ever. She loves to game, draw, and watch anime. She is really pretty, funny, smexy, and very beautiful. Her voice is the sweetest thing. If you were friends with Catherine, than you would be the luckiest person ever to be with forever because she knows how to put a smile on your face. Catherine loves music and loves to eat sushi nomnomnom. If I ever met Catherine in my life, I think my life would be complete. Sometimes she will say she is not pretty, but that isn't true. She is very pretty inside and out. She has a nice body, really cute smile, cute nose, and has all the looks. Catherine is someone you need to take care of like a Cat. She has a kind-heart and you need to protect her from harm no matter what. She's a Brown Eyed Girl that you can never forget about. Keep her close to you and give her all your love <3 because Catherine needs love
Boy:Hey who is that?
Boy2: oh! thats Catherine Pizarro!
Boy:Dayuuuuuumm she's hella fine
Boy: She's really beautiful no lie
by SuperAsian143 March 12, 2013
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While at the same time, you are giving a blow job, 2 hand jobs, having anal sex, vaginal sex (females only), and a foot job.
I don't think Sarah remembers doing a Dirty Pizarro at that party last night.
by Cheesy McDick March 10, 2011
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Jabba the hut's sister, she the fat lady from the TV show Operation Repo, she wears dresses made of shower curtens and bed sheets, because they don't make dresses her size
Sonia Pizarro: scueze meh sir! we are comendating your car!

Guy: I thought dinosurs were extinked!

Sonia Pizarro: just for that I am eating you for lunch!
by baka kuso yaro June 6, 2011
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The time traveler that told the Incas that cocaine was going to be made illegal in 1914. This caused the Incas to inject smallpox into their systems and die off.
Wow, Francisco Pizarro just told us cocaine is going to be made illegal.
by Boochus September 20, 2019
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Referred to Gay Sex
i loved his cock!!
that is so Daniel Pizarro
by negnad September 14, 2021
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