All right, Bill, the fun and games are over. It's time to get down to work. This isn't a serious course. It's nothing but all fun and games.
by English1O1 November 3, 2017
Something you say as a joke at first until it gets serious.
It’s all fun n games ‘till we lose.
It’s all fun n games ‘till we get robbed.

It’s all fun n games ‘till we get shot.

It’s all fun n games ‘till I cry
by Fierro November 13, 2020
Basically applied to any retard who does some Jackass or Dirty Sanchez stuff, and usually, the mature person like a parent or police officer or care worker etc will say it.

"Officer, i was only doing a grind on that rusty fence with a rickety skateboard near that used needle heap because it was funny.
"Yeah, Well its all fun and games til someone loses a bollock."
by btardia February 4, 2008