One of the oldest cities in South America. It has beautiful colonial buildings, as well as a modern part called "Quito Norte." As previously said, there are several private schools across Quito. It is not true, however, that the only thing to do there is going out dancing and drinking. Quiteños are rather deep and well educated people with
whom you can have nice conversations about life and politics. Quito can be a wild city if you visit the right places: Avenida Amazonas and a few other places in Quito Norte. You may also want to visit "El Panecillo" to get a view of old Quito.
There is nothing better than sitting at a café in Quito to smoke a cigar and have a cup of coffee while watching all the beautiful quiteñas walking by. I love Quito.
by Raúl Soleimani January 23, 2009
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The capital of Ecuador and the best city in the country. (Ecuador is in South America NOT africa duhh!!) huge long city whith a bunch of privte schools but crazy kids who party every weekend where dancing is the best that can happen. not freaky dancing like in the states but salsa and merengue and regetton. there are no cute guys but all of them are really sweet and defenitly have the latin charm of flirting. You can easily do underage age things with no problem like: buying beer, liqour, piña coladas mmm!... buy cigarets yuck and get into dance clubs.. there are sooo many and there are aways making new ones... the city is also very cultural with many beautiful churches and a beautiful but dangerous colonial downtown... oh and if a gringo visits you will definitly get ripped off: on the busses, taxis, stores and any things else that involves money. There is also the mercado artesanal(artisinal fair) which is really cool with hand made objects like bags modern jewlery sweters ect. and it's where teenagers go to get piercings and tattoos... Quito is soooooooo much more
how can you use a city as an example... let's party like Quiteñas ummm yeah? Quito is the best city to grow up in..
by Chris.. ecuagringa April 24, 2008
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A word for Mexican that looks Asian
In southern Mexico many Mexicans look quito.
by Ben_sdsu August 20, 2019
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A very powerful man who loves to race and takuachar he never backs out in doing anything and loves canes
by The chemestar secretary July 14, 2021
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A series of circumstances that do not follow the logic of science in any way, shape, or form.
Correcting someone about what you were wearing at an event in which you stated you were not at is quito logic
by quito logic May 13, 2014
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Un poquito.
A little brit.
1. "T cornuda por siempre 1 x quito" (Anonymus)
2. "Comeria 1xquito mas de papas..."
by Eaeapepe August 28, 2010
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A person who is gay, retarded and a cunt. He is also a midget
by Slimmy cock February 20, 2022
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