when you tell your boss youre sick and you need to stay home. sometimes youre actually sick but mostly you just want to play minecraft or something for 10 hours straight.
worker: yeah, *sniff* i think ill just call in sick today. thanks, bye. *picks controller back up*
by AnalPenetrationByForce January 18, 2012
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A good way to get yourself fired. Well, that is if you do it only to have fun somewhere, such as the beach.
Cesar: Hey, did you hear that Carl did something that was not only really dumb but also completely selfish?
Becky: I did not, what did he exactly do?
Cesar: Well, he decided to call out sick, but only to go have fun somewhere.
Becky: That is so selfish of him, was he allowed to keep his job?
Cesar: No, he got fired.
Becky: Good, idiots like that deserve to get the boot.
by PhoenixGamer34 June 11, 2021
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