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An english dialect spoken in the British carribean by people of African descent.

Its mostly spoken in Jamaica and by reggae artists like sean paul, elephant man, etc.
i didn't understand anything your parents were saying!
Thats because they're from Jamaica and we speak a broke english called patwa.
by toryall May 29, 2004
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All Countries south of the United States. The United States and Canada are NOT part of Latin America. Obviously in the Western Hemispere.

It is NOT limited to the areas that only speak Spanish!
To end the confusion, Jamaica, Haiti, Guiana, Suriname and Mexico are all part of Latin America.
by toryall May 29, 2004
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Home to the original Inca Empire most beautiful galapagos islands, and monument dedicated to the equator. Lead exporter of bananas and petroleum. (among many other things)

Where else can you stand on the equator, eat the purest banana, and walk where Atahualpa, Pizarro, and Darwin came in awe of the garden of eden (ecuador).
The Spanish came in with their wips and raped the shit out of ecuador. Stole their gold, raped the women, and destroyed a celestial empire made in the mountains.
by toryall May 29, 2004
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This word originally meant a White person in Latin America of pure Spanish, or Portuguese descent. As these mofos got their asses kicked out of Latin America the term referred to many other meanings.

Such as the french-style food in Louisiana, the broke french spoken in Haiti and St. Lucia, the race of people with European(French), African, and Native American descent in the Carribean
I don't speak French, I speak Creole.
Same shit man, just that your an islander and not a stank ass European.
by toryall May 29, 2004
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