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The Birthdate of Nelson Mandela Or The Greatest Leader In African History
Today Is July 18, Nelson Mandela's Birthday
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by ThatCrazyBoiLovesMemes October 16, 2019

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The Guy Who Created My Most Favorite TV Show In Nickelodeon Who Died On November 26 2018
Stephen Hillenburg the Creator Of My Most Favorite Show In Nickelodeon Died On November 26 2018
by ThatCrazyBoiLovesMemes January 09, 2019

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Horny Day (International Day Including Venezuela)
Smack everything day
National grab boob day
National Make Out Day
(In fictitious) An Unofficial Public Holiday In Russia,Indonesia,Ecuador,Colombia and India in which they celebrate The feast of Dayana Kirillova The first Tatar to represent Russia and compete at JESC or the Children's Counterpart Of The Holiest Song Contest in The World Eurovision in which it is called Dayana Kirillova Day
The Tradition Is For people to wear yellow or silver on that day
Indian Guy:I Wonder What today is
American:It's April 16
Malay:Too Bad My Country Doesn't Celebrate Dayana Kirillova Day
Colombian:Even Though We Are In Kazan You Still Need to wear Yellow
Malay:But i Don't Have Something To Wear Yellow
by ThatCrazyBoiLovesMemes September 14, 2019

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A South Korean K Pop Girl Group That Was Formed In 2015 via the Reality Show Sixteen

The Members Who In The Group Sound Like They're Dayana Kirillova From Junior Eurovision Song Contest

but you realise that's how each member such as Mina Sang
Twice Are Bunch Of Korean Girls That Sound like Dayana Kirillova
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by ThatCrazyBoiLovesMemes September 19, 2019

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A country in South America Where It Has to do nothing with the Equator The Capital Is Quito
Hola Is This The Equator No This Is Ecuador
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by ThatCrazyBoiLovesMemes December 09, 2018

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Wear Flowers Like A Ukrainian Day A Holiday In Which People Wear Flowers On Their Head Like A Ukrainian Mostly girls with side braids
Bob:I Wonder What Today Is

Layla:It's March 31 Wear Flowers Like A Ukrainian Day

Bob:Oh Shit,I Don't Have Side Braids

Najib:I Am Not A Junior Eurovision Contestant
by ThatCrazyBoiLovesMemes October 23, 2019

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Argentina’s Capital And also the Most Sporty City In Latin America Home to Famous Soccer Clubs River Plate And Boca Juniors
Welcome to Buenos Aires the Most Sporty City In Latin America!
by ThatCrazyBoiLovesMemes January 16, 2019

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