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The Largest City In New South Wales In Australia
Home to Being The Host City Of World Youth Day In 2008
Me:There’s Nothing Like Going To Sydney Australia’s Largest City
by ThatCrazyBoiLovesMemes December 16, 2018
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Where The Majority Of Daneliya Tuleshova Fans and Rich Brats Attend When They Come To Indonesia
Jakarta Intercultural School Is The Best School For Rich Brats In Indonesia!
by ThatCrazyBoiLovesMemes September 19, 2019
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A Slang For Excitement that fishes only say anytime
The Word Origitnated From A Spongebob Squarepants Training Video Named The Krusty Kraft Training Video
1.Anthony Started Yelling Hoopla When His Bet Won The Eurovision Song Contest.

2.He Said Hoopla After He Found A Large Stone In A Saudi Desert
by ThatCrazyBoiLovesMemes March 16, 2019
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A country in South America Where It Has to do nothing with the Equator The Capital Is Quito
Hola Is This The Equator No This Is Ecuador
by ThatCrazyBoiLovesMemes December 9, 2018
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Wear Flowers Like A Ukrainian Day A Holiday In Which People Wear Flowers On Their Head Like A Ukrainian Mostly girls with side braids
Bob:I Wonder What Today Is

Layla:It's March 31 Wear Flowers Like A Ukrainian Day

Bob:Oh Shit,I Don't Have Side Braids

Najib:I Am Not A Junior Eurovision Contestant
by ThatCrazyBoiLovesMemes October 24, 2019
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A Chilean Television Station Founded In 1969
TVN Is The World's No.1 Chilean Television Network!
by ThatCrazyBoiLovesMemes October 5, 2019
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An Event That Is Attended by Ukrainian Junior Eurovision Singers Like Anastasiya Petryk And Sofia Tarasova
Me:Hey I Am Going To World Youth Day Tomorrow
Guy:So Who Are You With?
Me:Ukrainian Junior Eurovision Singers
by ThatCrazyBoiLovesMemes January 8, 2019
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