A person or group of people is said to eat their shit if they abandon all reason when forming a positive opinion.

Phrases using this construction are generally immediately followed by a conjunction and another clause describing the unreasonable or irrational action that is being performed by the subject.

From a logical viewpoint, people who eat their shit seem completely ridiculous. However, upon scientific inspection, it is revealed that eating one's shit is a social phenomenon closely related to, and indeed perhaps the same as, the bandwagon effect, which is well-documented in the field of psychology.
"It's one of those fuckin' animated movies that everybody goes and sees and fuckin' eats their shit and loves."

"Everyone eats their shit and wants an iPhone."

"Those kids eat their shit and spend all their time playing Smash Brothers."
by Pimp Triscuit December 14, 2009
A phrase used when a buddy or someone you are watching is contemplating eating something that looks disgusting, sometimes even "shit" itself. Usually used in an express of joy that the person is indeed eating "that shit."
Joe: I'll give you $20 if you to eat this dog shit, man
Will: Uh, I don't know man...
Joe: C'mon...
Will: Oh, alright...
Kevin: Yeah! Eat that shit!
by RobThePresident-o April 6, 2009
Something you are tricked into doing when your dealer has gotten pissed of with you.

by Clc44 September 28, 2007
An expression used to describe the commonplace employee experience when a state or federal agency hires folks because of their advanced degrees and licensure and then gradually eases them, after the honeymoon phase, into what feels like slave labor, and retains them, due to steady and therefore relatively decent pay, frequent paid days off and a seemingly cushy pension.
I am a doctor who has been eating workplace shit for more than a decade, but after this period of indentured servitude and gradually increasing mental and physical illness, I have stepped halfway off the pirate ship and hope to be vigorously swimming soon.
by Dr Bunnygirl September 3, 2019
An insult which can be said to someone who is pissing you off, shortened to EMS
by Phat Ba*d April 30, 2006
The act of consuming food items and/or beverages while simultaneously releasing fecal matter into the toilet. One of the glorious freedoms that we all can try and enjoy.
Joe: Why did John just take his 12" sub sandwich into the bathroom?
Kevin: dude. John is always eating while shitting. Efficiency man!

Joe: *tears of admiration* bless that man.
by brobbinso November 19, 2015