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Someone who's job is selling drug's.
"Man I'm a dealer now, I can't jus' take a week off and go snowboarding. Biznazz is Biznazz."
by Diego August 21, 2003
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a supplier of illegal substances
big dealers have a large suppliy , which is usualy supplied to trusted smaller dealer that would make a small profit but return most the money to the big dealer
by Sk8ordie May 16, 2003
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Gives out illegal substances (weed, cocaine, ecstasy, magic mushrooms, acid etc.) or substances that are illegal for people younger than a certain age (alcohol and cigarettes).
Tyler: Ehhh James I heard you quit bein a dealer?
James: Yahh man my mom caught me dealin bombs! And she stole all my money too.. Like $230 bucks!
Tyler: SHIT SON! That sucks!
by pimppp October 24, 2005
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That guy you need to hang out with more often.
Me: Yo, im tryna score some dro
Dealer: I got a 20 sac
Me: I only got 15.
Me: w00t
by ayePor2guese January 27, 2009
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Dealer (Drug Dealer)
Someone who makes a profit from buying Large Quantities of drugs from a producer
at a lower price, and sells at a moderate price.
Ganja Farmer Sells Pounds/Ounces to a dealer
The Dealer Might sell off To a middleman at a discounted price (buying large quantities)
The Middle Man sells to the consumer who pays moderate price.
Being a Dealer and having a middleman can keep you off the streets and being good friends can make transactions easy.

the only thing you need to make money, is money.
by Papa Smurfing it September 27, 2008
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the 1 the only mac daddy to end all mac daddys he deals drugs on a daily basis and who eva wants 2 stop him meet him at rivermount college on any skool day unless its da hols cuz no1 will buy from skol then bye
1.5 grams = $25
3 grams = $50
7 grams (quater bag) = $90
14 grams (half oz) = $180
28 grams (oz) =$360
by me April 11, 2005
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