a group of words, that has a subject and verb
I ate breakfast, in the morning. <--- clause
by Riley Green March 10, 2016
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A clause in a contract that is only true if you believe it.
eg. a "Santa Clause Clause" would be a clause stating that you may never sue the other party to the contract no matter what he does.
by traderjoe January 8, 2010
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In an employment agreement, this is the part of the legal document that denies you the opportunity to take your grievance to court, and instead forces you to agree to arbitration.
My employer fucked me over royally, but due to the Trump Clause in my employment agreement, I have to be sodomized by an arbitrator instead of taking them to court.
by Bogrimm October 25, 2017
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The legal agreement which allows Santa Claus to enter people’s home and not be prosecuted for (breaking and entering). This clause includes chimneys and magic stuff we don’t know about.
The ‘Santa Clause’ is actually a legal agreement that has been understood in a ‘quid pro quo’ context; wherein Santa is welcomed for many reasons... but it’s really the presents and his cool outfit!
by Major Thomas Randle December 4, 2018
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An unofficial rule that if your man is in jail or prison, you are allowed to have sex with other men. The man is usually not informed about this. The man the woman cheats with is called a sport coat, or sometimes Jody
guy:Hey girl, we can't do this! You're my cousins girl
Girl: prison clause!
Guy: well, okay then!

Invoked by Otto's wife on SOA so she could have sex with Bobby- Elvis
by carrielynn901 June 3, 2011
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1. Tha pimp version of santa clause. Pimpa-clause getz down with his "ho ho ho's".

Pimpa-clause ALWAYS wears baggy red sweatpants. He raps pimpmas raps like "oh pimpmas weed, oh pimpmas weed!"

Pimpa-clause lives in da south pole. He getz busy and gives bitches presents and snows on their faces!!

He has a giant pole! It locates where his pitched tent is!

Pimpa clause has 2 lists, "tha good ho ho ho's" and he has tha list of tha naughty "WHORE-ible ho's!"

So when you hear a "ho ho ho", go spread some love and wish all a "Merry PimpmASS!"

2. Pimpa-clause is also what I call myself for fun cuz itz funny to say. I go around da school yellin "ho ho ho" all da time!

"Ho ho ho" I'm pimpa-clause!

This is "WHORE-ible!"

Have a merry PimpmASS.

Pimpa-clause, and RUDEoff da big-cock RainDEAR!

FUCK frosty da pervert!
by Mattnificent 425 December 22, 2008
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A rule originating on the Something Awful message boards that calls for the banning of a member who does not follow his own proclamation. These proclamations are typically in the form of "If X happens, I will do Y." The person who posts the claim is asked to follow through with his promised act or be banned for lying.
This rule originated from a forum member, Toxx, stating he would tape together the parts of his nether regions if a message board topic reached 5,000 replies. The Something Awful Administrator ordered that he post pictures of the completed act. No pictures were produced, and Toxx was banned as a result. The Toxx clause was instituted as a rule to discourage future members from making exaggerated claims.

Example poster 1: "If he sells this laptop to me for $200, I will eat my shorts."
Example poster 2: "Sell it to him just so we can test the Toxx clause."
by Moggraider January 7, 2008
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