Where people labor without pay and have such unhealthy workplace-conditions that their chompers eventually fall out, to boot, thus obliging them to get false teeth.
I read that a lot of tropical-plantation-based slaves ruined their teeth from chewing on sugar cane during their workdays; sounds like a classic case of indentured servitude to me.
by QuacksO March 9, 2020
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The reference to the curve of the underside of a chest, or breast

Can also refer to the curving altitude and angle of measurement in the curve of a penis
"Vatche has an indentured servitude curve the size of a 40 year old woman"
by ggfivetimesnore May 21, 2023
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Generationally Indentured Servitude is white people indenturing other white people to work for them; they believe they're "Earning An Honest Living" as "employees" or "small businesses" or "mom & pop shop" by means of; work harder not necessarily smarter, no minimum wage increases despite gross inflation, keep paying countless taxes, keep filing taxes hoping for a return, don't tax the wealthy, conceivably secure a 'nest egg' and anticipate retirement by 65 • but it's really 70 • all in the hopes of becoming a thousandaires while the ones they worked for became gross millionaires... and billionaires and so on.. and they double down that anyone who didn't get to become a thousandaire is their own fault, and themselves not becoming a millionaire is because democrats and lazy people - Not Rightists ALEC - despite ALEC Exposed proving otherwise!
Cashier "your total is $20.18"
Older Man "so many businesses closed because people and kids are lazy and don't want to work these days"

*others nodded in agreement*
Cashier "$10 sir and all these registers are open for you all today because people are working but not for much money "
Older man "I can't find my EBT card"
Cashier "you can't buy alcohol with EBT sir"
Older Man "all my money goes to rent and I'm retired... you should have done better in school and you'd have a better job"
Older Woman "Bob I know you, you had a trade but you're broke, use ebt and even with trade school you still been in and out of jobs and jail.. leave this kid and others alone.. Don't be a hypocrite"
Older Man "See if I would've been a better employee and tried better I wouldn't be in this spot"
Older Woman "that's right - you could've been a broke machine shop owner who's lost their business instead of a broke retired employee - big deal - thank goodness for good ol generational indentured servitude for not keeping us a float and broke oh the joy!

Older Man "we'll at least I'm not like 'others' out there who've spent their whole lives on welfare"
Cashier "sir have a good day..... next".

Older Woman ".. must be nice being at the top of the food chain and still losing: and we know what he means by others : what a sheep and what loser"

Cashier "facts"
by FerrariUnicorn February 19, 2023
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