The perfect thing to say when you haven't been listening to a conversation that you started. This works for an answer to virtually any question. Perfect for answering if you can't hear the speaker in a crowded, loud room.
Friend: "So how've you been lately? Any better?"
You: "WHAT?"
Friend: "I said, HOW'VE YOU BEEN?"
You: (panicking) "Oh, uh...I don't know, man, it's just like...I don't know, ya know?"
Friend: "Yeah, totally."
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I think that's like a vague, surface-level belief that you aren't really willing to give up or do anything to actually make manifest in the world. But it sounds good! You know... You aren't really doing anything.
Hym "But I AM! I've improved the quality of several people's lives in a material and demonstrable way. I don't know man... Sounds like one of those things that people just kind of say to feint moral superiority. You know? Like 'I just want people to be able to get their sicks sucked on demand.' And it's like, yeah, that'd be great but do I plan on going out and sucking a bunch of dicks to make that happen? No. Imma just make this post. And proceed to not live off of the charity of others." 🤷 ♂️
by Hym Iam October 5, 2023
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