Originally known as the Siamese Fighting Fish. The most well-known and common member of the betta family group is the betta splendens. Other species of betta are harder to find and maintain than the common splendens.

Betta are an easily kept aquarium fish, and average at 2 and 1/2 to 3 inches in body length (tail fin length varies, with some specimens reaching 4 inches in total length). Males are the most common specimens found in pet stores, and are brightly colored with long fins. Females, once nearly impossible to find by non-breeders, have been trickling into pet stores for sale, though at first glance female bettas may be mistaken for a completely different species of fish. Females are the same size as male betta, often lack the same bright colors and never have the large amount of finnage that males have.

Bettas do not require airation in their tanks. The fish posses a "labyrinth organ" inside of their heads which allows them to breathe air. It is an adaptation to their original habitat, in Thailand, where natural-form betta live in the stagnant, muddy, warm (usually over 80 degrees) water of rice paddies and ditches.

Bettas are predatory fish, and must be kept on a high protein diet in order to survive. Special betta food is needed for them to live, but to thrive they *need* to be fed on live foods, such as mosquito larvae, bloodworms, small fruit flies, and fruit fly maggots.

Males of this species are naturally competitive and agressive towards one another. The fish are often fought for money in Siam and Vietnam, in tents set up for the purposes, rather like aquatic cockfighting.

Betta have an average lifespan of 2 years (24 months). From hatching to death.
Betcha 20 bucks my betta will chew the ass off of your betta.
by BettaKeeper March 3, 2005
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as good as anything will ever be
Bro: i love grandma’s cornbread
Sis: Mmm hmm, don’t get no betta
by Nikki November 5, 2004
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this is a way to say dumb cunt in the nicest way possible
so anything connected with clumsy, hot, tettona, always serving slay/slag and just down bad cunty.
“I just did a betta” could be used in many situations good or bad … example

1: “everything was flat and I just fell and ate shit lmaoooo I’m totally a betta today”

2: “I shit with two feet up like a money, lol I’m such a betta”
by twinnyolivo1234 January 25, 2023
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southside gang tag, usually seen round southside suburbs like Manly-West, Carindale, Wishart, Gold-Coast, Belmont, Mt Gravatt, Holland Park, Morningside.

The Gang was initially created by ring leader "Polo" or often seen as "PLXX" and runs out of Manly and Wishart and now has over 50 members based across brisbane

"betta on tha rise"

"betta watch the fuck out"
by lord of the cunts 420 May 8, 2019
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A misspelling of better caused by overjoy or other forms of excitement
by TheIndominusGamer February 19, 2021
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A beautiful, bubbly, fun fish. Treat it with RESPECT and it can live up to 10 years in captivity. They originated from rice paddies and mud puddles in South Asia, and although lived in horrible conditions, need to live in good temperatured water, a clean tank, the tank has to have an air opening to breathe, and has to be not too big but not too small. Make your fish happy!
"I love betta fish! <3"
"Betta fish are my obsession!"
"My favorite kind of fish is the Betta Fish"
by MG1rl May 29, 2014
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Not just betta but MO BETTA! This is la creme de la creme.
My shirt is mo betta than yours.
by 5@+0R! November 16, 2007
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