8 definitions by strawberry

v. (English, satirical, modern)
1. to discern, in a jaded manner
2. to do above, albeit when under the influence of a mind-altering substance
When Mike roaks, he really roaks. Everthing he says just cuts straight to the cold, hard core of the topic at hand.

But when he's drunk and roaking, beware.
by strawberry January 6, 2005
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something that cheerleaders have WAY to much of and the thing all the jocks at school pretend they have.. the whole purpose of things like "school spirit day" a waste of time
by strawberry January 29, 2004
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Another way of saying holla or whats up. Originated in Philly.
yo i'll talk to ya later. Early!
by strawberry July 21, 2003
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adj. (English, satirical, modern) see definition of roak (v.)
1. discerning and jaded
2. discerning, jaded, and drunk
The girl on the other side of the bar just gave me a rather roakish glare.

Beware of roakish e-mails, they are quite a danger.
by strawberry February 1, 2005
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to masturbate in a place where you are likely to get caught at work, woods, train, cinema, phone box, bus (top deck), park, swimming baths, parked car, waist deep in the sea etc…
hmmm... this beats working, hope nobody can see me.....oops!
by strawberry January 6, 2004
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A cute short Hispanic girl who is sweet and really funny at times. Paola's are veryyyyy loyal. Paola's are usually best friends with names that's start with c,k,and z.For example Caroline, Kendall,and Zoe. Although Paola's are loyal because of that they can become jealous very easily. But other than that Paola's are great ! :)
You're best friend is Paola!

Wow you're Sooo lucky !
by strawberry October 27, 2014
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A sex god with a penis like no other. Usually found in the backroom giving a girl an axe wound.
by strawberry February 16, 2005
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