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adj.; The state of emotion where ones body and mind has been through so much trauma / drama one no longer cares about anything, or anyone and completely does not give a shit any longer about any future events or consequences.
by silentmist March 14, 2013
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Trinidadian slang meaning to end a relationship with a person
Scotty: Shannon we done!!!
Shannon: But Scotts why?
Scotty: We done Shannon right we done
by Music Princess 23 December 24, 2010
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Indicitive of the past tense. The speaker conjugates his or her verbs with 'done' to indicate that an event/action has occured sometime in the past.
I done saw that movie.

I done went to Kmart yesterday.

I done told you not to touch that!
by Gims45 July 02, 2012
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1. finished, through, distroyed
2. drunk, high, wasted,
"That car that just exploded...that shit's done"

"Dude, you're done"
by Ira PkP June 27, 2003
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1. adj. denoting a state of completedness, Finished.

2. adj. Intoxicated; to be at such a level of intoxication from either drugs or alcohol that the person could be described as "finished" for the night. NOTE: describing someone or one's self as being "done" does not necessarily mean they will actually stop getting more intoxicated or that they are actually "done"

3. v. (past tense) sometimes substituted for the word "did".

4. v. to have sexual intercourse

5. v. to be insulted in a harsh manner; dissed(US),slated(UK),cussed(UK)

6. v. the act of being incriminated and punished; booked

7. n. abbreviation of methadone, a drug used as a subsitute for heroin (given to addicts to wean them off the H)

8. interjection; used in the south of the U.S.A., usually used to defer greater emphasis to a sentance or to imply that the speaker has already imparted this information before; already
1. Boss: "hey did you finish all that stuff I gave you earlier?"
worker: "yes sir, it's all done and on your desk"

2. guy1: "Dude! you looked fucked!"
guy2: "I been drinking and blazing since noon. I'm Done!"
guy1: "Nah, you aint done... hit this"

3. chef: "it's about time you done some work in this damn kitchen"

4. guy1: "man she is a hottie"
guy2: "yeeaaaaah boy, I done her last night after that house party"

5. guy1: "... and if you come back, i'll beat you like the puny little cocksucker that you are! bitch!!"
guy2: "ooooh, you just got *done* mate!"

6. guy1: "oi, where's jim?"
guy2: "locked up mate. he got done for nicked that old lady's purse"

7. smackhead: "'done aint enough... I need my H!"

8. hick1: "cletus! where's the damn shotgun, I's hungry!"
hick2: "I done told you we a'int got no bullets left!"
by Olly J June 02, 2005
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1. A word squished in between to others while not really making much sense or much of a difference.

It is usually put in between a noun and a verb. It is commonly used when describing an action.
"I told him not to" becomes:
"I done told him not to."
by Diana January 26, 2004
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