Indicitive of the past tense. The speaker conjugates his or her verbs with 'done' to indicate that an event/action has occured sometime in the past.
I done saw that movie.

I done went to Kmart yesterday.

I done told you not to touch that!
by Gims45 July 3, 2012
adj.; The state of emotion where ones body and mind has been through so much trauma / drama one no longer cares about anything, or anyone and completely does not give a shit any longer about any future events or consequences.
by silentmist March 14, 2013
Trinidadian slang meaning to end a relationship with a person
Scotty: Shannon we done!!!
Shannon: But Scotts why?
Scotty: We done Shannon right we done
by Music Princess 23 December 25, 2010
1) Finished.

2) Fully-baked.
1) I'm finally done with all of my homework.

2) The pie is done; let's eat!
by Diggity Monkeez February 26, 2005
adj. a state of agreement or accordance
1. "Hey lets head out" .."Done."
2. "Hey lets eat a ten-pound pizza" ..."Done."
3. "Hey lets bleach our hair and dye it lime-green and cotton candy pink" ... "Done."
by Jerry-ese fused Seanglish August 29, 2008
(v) an act in which the subject throws his hands in the air and declares done. this means that said person no longer cares or wishes to remove his or her selves from the proceedings
person 1: hey lets go to the brokencyde concert! person 2: DONE!!!!!!
by fantanas May 12, 2009
A counsentual no strings attached giving of a mans sperm to a woman for the purpose of procreation
After years of being single and having the baby itch Judith put on her craigslist casual encounters listing, " Not looking for anything serious, just a nice guy to done.
by Bigwhoops January 20, 2011