A Philly slang to use in place of boy
Yo, me and my bul bought to come through.
by Jerrell Smith October 10, 2003
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Indeed a word from Philly

(1)this word replaces boy, man, dude, etc;
(2)opposite of "ol' head" (another common Philly word)

-mostly used with the word young
Chill, he cool, that's my young-bul.
Fall back shorty, I seen you f***in' wit' bul last week.
by Daye November 9, 2005
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Coming from Philly. It's a pronoun used and directed at fellow peers to acknowledge someone. Usually replaces man, dude, boy, son, homes, buddy, etc. Pronouned like ball but with a trailed ending {boh}.
As a question:
sup bul? Where you been at?

As a remark:
damn bul! That ain't cool.

As a meeting word:
Yo bul. What's going on?
by Potter April 22, 2004
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noun -An original Romany( Gypsy )word. It means ass
Hey honey, Is my bul getting big?
by Dinlo Stanley November 10, 2006
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A Philly term used to describe a person of any ethnicity ..usually male
Bul drawn ..he outta pocket for that


You stole a black you any Bul fr 🤦🏽 ♂️

Stop playing wit me Bul real rap for I smack the shit outchu
by The Bul April 5, 2021
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Bul-Kathos, the Immortal King, was a great and ancient Barbarian king. Bul-Kathos was born as part of the first generation of nephalem, in later times referred to as the Ancients. He organized the Barbarian tribes. He smiles upon some of us to this day.
by HamGunner February 9, 2018
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