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A way of spelling ass on the internet without getting censored.
laney is a fugly azz b!tch, she should go fucc herself, yea shes a fu(king $hithead
by Angelacia May 21, 2007
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In Italian chatting with the meaning of "cazzo", but less coarse.
- Ho perso il telefonino :(
- Azz!


- I lost my mobile :(
- Shit!
by theDRaKKaR September 05, 2011
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Mispelling or pronounciation of "ass". This form of ass is usually used as an insult or in chart rooms, IM, or e-mail.
You're such an azz.
by Jimranar January 26, 2003
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A mispelling of the word ass. Wiggers and wanksters commonly use this term along with "tha" and "hoe".
If you ever want to look like a retard spell ass with z's.
"Dur, you're an azz".
by Beavis November 10, 2004
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The explicit notion of informing a woman of her hourglass formation.
You have one fine azz.
by APL January 24, 2004
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Thought to be a cooler way of spelling Ass on the Internet.

Invented and most comonly used by Gay Thick Dutch people, who thought it be clever to play with the English Language by replacing the letter S with the letter Z to achieve plural sound (See examples below) which many people do to a cooler way of making a word plural. Unfortunately the Double Z spelling does not work due to pronouncement.

However due to the Dutch being Dutch and not English, they failed to see this mistake, yet use it anyway to not be proven wrong and mock the English Language.

Words that work by replacing S with Z
- Hiyaz Coolz Gangstaz Brotherz Friendz Boyz Girlz
Your a stupid Azz

Im Dutch, therefore Gay and I take it up the Azz
by rick chill April 09, 2004
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This word originated in a smoky Annapolis/Crownsville, MD loft but quickly caught on and has since taken on various meanings. Originally, the word was a simple exclamation comparable to "Damn!" or "Word!" If something was particularly astounding, the word "great" could be added as a prefacing qualifier, resulting in the exclamation "Great Az!" This pronouncement could also be used as a subtle indicator that a person was attracted to someone. While walking behind the object of their affection with a friend, one could exclaim "Great Az!" as if responding to something that was said by their friend, but also insinuating that they found the rump before them to be desirable. Unfortunately, the word's true meaning has been diluted by it's over-use as a form of the word "ass."
<Someone makes a nice pool shot> - "Az!"
<Someone shows you a large stack of money> - "Az!!"
<Someone violently falls off of a hydroslide as they are being pulled through the snow by a pick-up truck at a golf course at 3 o'clock in the morning> - "Great Az!"
<There is a girl with a nicely-shaped hind region walking in front of you and your buddy and you want to get her attention> - "Great Az!"
by Cuddy April 22, 2005
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