Oklahoma City is the capital and largest city of the state of Oklahoma in the United States of America. It is the county seat of Oklahoma County. The city's name is sometimes abbreviated to 'OKC.' Non-residents often refer to Oklahoma City as 'Oak City,' but locals never use this name. Residents of outlying suburbs or rural areas often call Oklahoma City simply "The City."

Oklahoma City is a large, diverse and growing city, and is the civic and commercial center of the state. It is one of the largest cities in the Great Plains of the United States, and is the largest city in population of the 5 "plains states" (Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota) as well as four of the six neighbouring states (Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, New Mexico) to Oklahoma.

Oklahoma City is the 29th-largest city in the nation, according to a 2003 report from the U.S. Census Bureau. The city's population on July 1, 2004 totaled 528,042 with more than 1.3 million residents in the metropolitan area.

Oklahoma City was the site of the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995, the largest act of terrorism on American soil prior to the September 11th attacks and the most destructive act of domestic terrorism in American history
Oklahoma City area wise is the 3rd largest city in the country.
by xzybit July 4, 2005
Biggest city in Oklahoma with over half a million people. The rest of the nation is jealous of them because they have the lowest cost of living in the nation and usually the cheapest gas in the nation when OPEC starts jacking with oil production. With the addition of Bricktown and their canal, it's the best place in state to visit.
Fred:Hey Joey, wanna go to Tulsa this weekend?

Joey:Tulsa sucks, I'm going to OKC!!
by xzybit July 11, 2005
Oklahoma City is the tightest city in this part of the country, and Dallas. OKC got some of the crazies headbusten mufuckez you can find. If you say there aint no hood in Oklahoma City, take yalls asses down to the south side by SW 23. or the east side, NE 1st - 40th that area. The NW side got its hoods to. Lots of bloods, crips, and Tulsa Avenue Killaz (TAK)
theres some locco ass essays on the south side of oklahoma city
by josh13 April 8, 2006
was born here in okc. there is not shit here but my grandma, grandpa, uncle, and cousin, i will be back to see all of you.
i'm not forgetting you James on 10th st.
by Neil March 24, 2005
Large city in the state in which many of the greatest football players and wrestlers in the nation are born. Also the home of good chili.
Wrestling match spectator: Whoa, man! That dude got owned!

Other guy: Figures, his opponent was born in Oklahoma City.
by TannerEastman July 11, 2008
"Oklahoma City": wasteland; a waste of concrete in the middle of a remote deserted sun-burnt ranch; America's Chernobyl
As the sun rose in the Eastern sky it became apparent that no-one was left in this forsaken place, much like Oklahoma City.
by bizzieb November 6, 2007