A alternative to your mom, your sister, your grandma, and your dad.
Teacher: What are you doing?
Whore at school: Your Brother
by Dizzylashellelily March 8, 2016
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Your one friend, everyone has one, that continues to defie all logic by "one uping" the last most stupid thing you've ever heard of.
Perry, "your brother", was tailed by the popo last night. Instead of going quietly, he ditched his truck, ran trough a corn field, called a crack whore to come pick him up, filed a false report for a stolen truck, and denied he was even in the area. Wow, I want to party with that guy.
by Yomame June 9, 2007
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An absolutely diabolical insult, extremely similar to "Your Mum gay, your daddy lesbian, and other such". This is an insult on a scale with power similiar to that of God himself, so, unless you want the universe to crumble before you, do not use this terrfiying phrase.
Carl: Your Mum Gay!
Dylan:Your sister a mister!
*The Earth begins to shake as Carl readies the blow to Dylan"

Carl:Your brother your-

*Cries are heard from across the universe as, atom by atom, molecule by molecule, the universe begins to crumble away, for not even God can save us now*
by Gabe_TryToFindMeNow March 18, 2018
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The worst swear word to date, say this and your enemy instantly explodes into a million peices
1-Your mom gay
2-your dad lesbian
1-no you
2-your granny tranny
1-your grandpap a trap
2-your sister a mister
1-your brother a mother
2-*instantly explodes into a million pieces*
by SneakyMouse098 March 22, 2018
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this is legit deadass the worstest insult you can use on someone,worse than your mom gay, your dad lesbian and your granny a tranny say it out loud and every nigga within a 17 feet radius just dies as they hate their brother being their mother
by Big_nigga103 March 18, 2018
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You thoughtyour sister a mister” was bad? Say this to somebody and the devil himself will come alive and make your opponent cease to exist.
by Robloxlegendxx83 March 16, 2018
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This Insult is the ender of worlds (Use at your own risk)
John:Your Granny Tranny

Jack:Your Sister a Mister

John: Your Brother a Mother

God ceases to exist while a celestial black hole tears the multiverse in two
by the.real.slim.shady_v1 March 18, 2018
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