the most powerful four words when bullshit gets too deep to bare. Also the main slogan to the Fck The Dumb Shit. clothing line.
I'm so sick of the way he treats me...fck the dumb shit. I'm gone.
by nicholas keith July 23, 2011
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A person who is so fucking dumb their family disowned them. Therefore they have become a bastard. Dumb shit bastards are annoying. Their faces beg for a flurry of punches from everyone within a two mile radius.
That weird kid looks like a dumb shit bastard.
by TartarSauce January 05, 2015
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dude how bored can you be? go do something please. go outside and touch the grass maybe go sit on it too run around enjoy the world
or you can use this is a insult
Person 1: You're ugly
Person 2: Oh yeah? Poopy dumb shit!
Person 1: ): well jeez...
by some random person doing work January 12, 2021
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referring to someone who has the intellect of human feces
That boy was dumb as shit!
by ballz October 12, 2003
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Someone or something that is ignorant or worthless to the point of having no value. Also one who displays the fact that they have no common sense or knowledge in a subject.
Fuck, that bitch is dumb as shit.

Really, that game is dumb as shit.
by Anonymous October 13, 2003
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