To be as dumb as crap; dumb as poo. (Latin; derived from fatuus shituus)
Dude, your granda is as dumb as shit
by matt dogg October 12, 2003
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It shows that brandon has boner on boys which have autism and he sucks there juicy ass dick. It can also mean that Brandon is a lesbo. MADE BY OAKWOOD ACADEMY
"Brandon you are so wierd"! You have Gay boner dumb shit b17 on autistic boys
by Mr Brandon is a gay shit November 28, 2019
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When someone says this phrase, be sure to not say a word or you'll be in deep shit and that person will either hurt you or expose you.
Marcus: "Fuck you Steve!"
by lolbigdihgang September 06, 2017
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Purposely preforming a task that is negligible to equipment, morale or that generally makes things worse for everyone else. The task can be utterly ridiculous or obscenely absurd.
Co-worker 1; what happened to the new chainsaw? It barely runs and is as sharp as a bowling ball.

Co-worker 2; Cody had it yesterday, probably burying it into the ground or doing some other dumb dick shit with it.
by KingCoffee April 26, 2019
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i made this for the soul purpose of showing these nitwits anyone can make one of these
y’all dumb as shit i made this in 2 minutes
by educateyourselves April 21, 2021
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The act of glamorizing words, phrases, or actions when in actuality they refer they to the upmost basic principles, and ideology.
When your psychology teacher says use interpretative phenomenological analysis, this actually means D.N.S. (Dumb Nigga Shit)
by kingk&lt February 23, 2015
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