people who have absoluteley no fucking clue what they are talking about and say a bunch of dumb shit in order to make themselves seem smarter
dumb shits example: one stereotype talking down on another stereotype without even trying to understand their point of view. also, people who mimic others.
note: some domb shits ussually end up in danger.
by spawn of Von Devil December 26, 2008
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Dumb shit is not necessarily an insult, it can also refer to illogical or irrational feats of greatness.
Announcer: "That homerun was hit over 500 ft!"

by mr dumb shit February 11, 2014
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When another person purposely doesn’t know something (or pretends he/she can’t figure something out) in order to hassle you or make your life difficult.
I laid the whole job out a head of time and at the last minute Marty dumb-shitted me about the job location. He demanded directions and a map for a location I know he drives by everyday…so I had to scramble to get him the info that I know he already knows...and I got blamed for the job starting late.
by ~Foo Fighter~ April 26, 2007
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n. An incredibly stupid idiot

refers to some dumb situation, person, or thing

moronic excrete
Frustrated Mario guy: "Why the fuck are you eating the ceiling, you dumb shit!" Dumb shit Dumb Shit
by The Stealth Brick February 08, 2010
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Doing really idiotic stuff and calling yourself a scientist cos why the fuck not
Generally used in video games
Bob: hey bro les jump on Fortnite and do some dumb shit so we become dumb shit scientists
Jake: Ye man
by Dat boi’s dad October 15, 2018
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Billy Bob: Hey, hold my beer while I prove these shoes are fireproof.
Nick: Fuck The Dumb Shit.
by Claude Ballz June 11, 2004
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