Someone who pays for hotel accomodation, but would rather sleep in the carpark facilities than in the bed of the hotel room.
Nicole: how was the hotel room Blackie??

Blackie: I didn't even make it up to my room, I just woke up in the carpark.

Nicole: Your a Dumbshit lol
by suchab3autifulm3ss February 11, 2017
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A creature who cannot be trusted to even take care of himself properly. Most of the time dumdshits are closey related to fucktards, fuckboys, asshats, droolies, pond scums, fuckwits, manwhores, bride jumpers and all other low lyfes who think they can just skate through life hurting anyone and everyone so long as they get what they want in that very moment. Dumbshits rarely are respected and are seen as creatures of great algae eating abilities. Dumbshits think they know what's best when in fact just tend to fuck things up for society as a whole. Dumbshits can rarely make a good decision when it comes to being a decent creature. These sort of creatures usually feed off the bottom of the pond. Most of the time they are known for their conniving fuckboy like attributes that include but are not limited to: dishonesty, ignorance, manipulative personality.
Why are you being such a JD, i mean dumbshit?
Get with the program dumbshit.
by PineappleJuice February 25, 2015
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a person like you that looks up the word dumbshit usually smokes pot
Guy: See that dude over there smokin pot?

Guy2: yea he's a dumbshit
by ahhh hamburgers July 29, 2008
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When someone post a dumb shit definition on urbandictionary.com...

When u post a inside joke between you and your boss...
Or when you post a definition that is in the real dictionary...
Its dumb and not intresting to read..

And I will make fun of you and call you a dumb shit!!
Boss poop: my boss takes long in the bathroom so her nickname is poopie boss...

Gay dumb and stupid...
You can do better you dumb shit!!
by jaoni November 17, 2011
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n. An incredibly stupid idiot

refers to some dumb situation, person, or thing

moronic excrete
Frustrated Mario guy: "Why the fuck are you eating the ceiling, you dumb shit!" Dumb shit Dumb Shit
by The Stealth Brick February 08, 2010
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Someone who says or does something wrong but is to stupid or ignorant to correct it.
Some Kid: So I punched a kid today, sir.

Mr. Wiggins: SEE HOW YOU IS?!

Me: It's "are", not "is", you dumbshit.

by Ivan Wells August 26, 2006
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