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The semi-professional art of doing of nothing productive. Apparel may include "dudding trousers" (pyjama bottoms) and a "dudding cave" (bedroom). Large amounts of comfort and food are a priority, while physical exertion is frowned upon.
It is particularly prevalent when hung over or on sick days, and often features long hours of television, films, computer games and/or masturbation.
"I dudded around in the living room playing Champ Manager for 10 hours while watching cricket, eating bacon and drinking milk."
"That's good dudding..."
"I know."
by Sir Duddy of Scranalot April 16, 2009
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A euphemism for having sex, used in conversations where the verb "fucking" is deemed inappropriate. Taken from the Olde English verb "to dud", which in modern terms roughly translates into "sex someone up".
"If there's a tie on my door it means I'm dudding someone, so give me a couple of hours."
by Kumit Mibro July 30, 2012
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