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A big move describes the effort one would have to make in order to take an action, or go somewhere. A big move could mean walking two blocks to Starbucks, or driving into the city. It depends on the mind-set of the do-er. A big move requires careful consideration and effort to make happen. The usual decision is 'no' since big moves require too much effort.
K: "Hey Eli, should we head into Berkeley to go to CBCB to buy some kush?"
Eli: "Hmmm I don't know, that's a big move.
K: "Ya, you're right. It's a 45 minute drive... let's chill here."
by Funny Moms February 6, 2018
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Gally gal is an amorous greeting exchanged between two female friends.
Karen: "Hi Gally gal! What's kickin' it up in the hood?"
Brigitte: "Not much gal, I'm thinkin' of riding my bike to your house!"
by Funny Moms December 19, 2014
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DTM means "Don't tell Mom!" A quick way to remind siblings that what you are sharing isn't for Mom to hear. DTM is most often by teenagers as well as adults to conceal activities or feelings from the likely disapproval of Mom. Easy to add at the end of a text and gets the message across.
Karen: "Mom wants me to go antique shopping all day in Sonoma. I'm on the fence. I'd go but only if you go... oh and DTM"
Beth: "Ya, I'm not gonna go. I'm telling Mom I'm sick! DTM either!"
by Funny Moms January 24, 2015
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Paul from the UK, moved to California, from the UK, where he became an overnight success and celebrity. Everyone who meets Paul, loves Paul. T-shirts were made saying "Everybody Loves Paul. Paul from the UK." TV Shows, Fan Clubs, Merchandise, an overnight legend ...Paul is the nicest, most jolly, easy going mate you will ever meet. He is a natural funster, and all who meet him, love him. "Paul Appreciation Week" is held the third week of July. Every year.
Did you go to Taco Tuesday at Norms last night?
Of Course! It's Paul Appreciation Week. Duh.
Everybody Loves Paul. Paul from the UK.
by Funny Moms September 11, 2016
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Stop light texting is the act of sitting in your car, at an (ideally) long stop light. This is the perfect opportunity to check email, update your FB and scroll through your social media. Typically, if you have teens or children in the car, the act of stop light texting will be rudely interrupted by younger people telling you to stop!
"MOM, stop texting and driving!"
"OMG, I'm stop light texting, leave me alone! Sheesh. You are so over-schooled in this topic!"
by Funny Moms October 26, 2016
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Happy Fuck You Year is the appropriate saying to send to someone who was shitty to you in the past, and you have no desire to wish a 'happy' new year. It is especially appropriate for ex's. Gets the message across quickly in a a mean, slightly stinging manner.
Karen to BFF: My ex was such a jerk last year... Lying, dating other people... I sent him this sexy selfie at 12:01 am New Years Eve and said "Happy Fuck You Year !"
by Funny Moms December 31, 2016
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A Covid poser is someone who on the surface seems to be the most committed person to mask wearing, and social distancing and enforcing all the rules. However this is the same person that was shopping at Walmart, going to a friends house for Thanksgiving and is not wearing a mask unless anyone’s watching.
Me: So Mom, I thought you didn’t leave your house for six months? Why are you at Walmart and out to dinner with your friends, no mask in sight? Sounds like a Covid poser to me?
Mom: “No I just did curbside delivery!”
Me: “Right...”
by Funny Moms December 13, 2020
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