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To tell someone, specifically a significant other: "You Lost Your Ringtone" is a serious sign the relationship is over. A special ringtone is only reserved for those near and dear. It is the ultimate end of the relationship. On the upside, you can give the former ringtone to your new boo. One persons loss, another's gain.
Nitai: I have bad news. You lost your ringtone. Sorry.
by Funny Moms April 27, 2018
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Paul from the UK, moved to California, from the UK, where he became an overnight success and celebrity. Everyone who meets Paul, loves Paul. T-shirts were made saying "Everybody Loves Paul. Paul from the UK." TV Shows, Fan Clubs, Merchandise, an overnight legend ...Paul is the nicest, most jolly, easy going mate you will ever meet. He is a natural funster, and all who meet him, love him. "Paul Appreciation Week" is held the third week of July. Every year.
Did you go to Taco Tuesday at Norms last night?
Of Course! It's Paul Appreciation Week. Duh.
Everybody Loves Paul. Paul from the UK.
by Funny Moms September 11, 2016
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Munchausens is a rare, possibly ficticious, disorder that is perfect to use in a situation where one has to get in or out of a social obligation, family event, or work or school obligation. It is rare enough, that when you mention it, people raise their eyebrows in awe, not wanting to question this serious condition. Works best to say your 'friend' has Munchausens, because if someone actually does Google it, you won't want them to think you really have it. The perfect 'out.'
Chauncy: "Hey Karen, do you want to go with me to Opera in the Park tonight?"
Karen: "Oh, wow, thanks, sounds great... unfortunately my friend Jill... her Munchausens ....it's bad."
Chauncy: "Sounds awful..."
Karen: "yep... Munchausens... " Then look down, wipe a tear. Change subject.
by Funny Moms September 11, 2016
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Not My Problem Parenting... a style of parenting where parents utilize natural consequences for children regarding their actions. Especially useful in parenting school age children who forget their lunch, forget to wear a coat or had detention because they didn't do their homework.

A very effective parenting style that can result in children taking more ownership of their actions and develops independence and self responsibility.
Teacher to parent: "Mrs. G, your son Eli has forgotten his homework folder three weeks in a row, and now he's going to lose his recess for a week."
Parent: "Sounds good to me. NMP. I did my homework. I have a good job. I get to chit chat with my friends at work at the water cooler. Sorry Eli, next time don't forget your homework folder. Not My Problem. NMP Parenting works!"
Child: "Waaaaa... I want my Mommy to rescue me. Oh well, I hate losing my recess so you know I'm not forgetting my folder EVER again!"
by Funny Moms August 11, 2014
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Backside is the word used to describe when a guy has permission to enter in the alternative option. In general, all guys like to go up the backside but it's a true honor and gift.
Me: I've been dating Joe for six months, and I finally gave him a season pass to go up the backside.
Friend: Shit really? You must love this guy. Oww
by Funny Moms August 08, 2016
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A big move describes the effort one would have to make in order to take an action, or go somewhere. A big move could mean walking two blocks to Starbucks, or driving into the city. It depends on the mind-set of the do-er. A big move requires careful consideration and effort to make happen. The usual decision is 'no' since big moves require too much effort.
K: "Hey Eli, should we head into Berkeley to go to CBCB to buy some kush?"
Eli: "Hmmm I don't know, that's a big move.
K: "Ya, you're right. It's a 45 minute drive... let's chill here."
by Funny Moms February 06, 2018
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Guiltmas is used to describe the guilty emotion one feels, specifically around the Christmas/holiday time, when they have failed to do enough giving, sharing joy, caroling, being nice to family & friends, and usually ruined one or more family gatherings. If you have not lived up to the holiday spirit, you definitely understand Guiltmas.
K to sister B: "Mom is still mad because Eli threw up last Christmas and ruined the entire holiday season."
B: "Well she's mad at me, too because I am already ruining Christmas 2016 just because I am getting divorced!"
Karen: "I hate the holidays. Tis the Season, Merry Fucking Guiltmas to all!"
by Funny Moms December 14, 2016
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