The gorgeous frontman of The Maine, a band from Arizona. His birth name is John O'Callaghan, but he is often refered to as simply John O.
Girl 1: Hey that guy is HOT! What's his name?
Girl 2: JOHN O, duh.
by xtina101 August 14, 2008
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An autistic little fuck who thinks he's the shit but really is a little pussy who plays hula-hoop golf on his free time. John won the BE Award in elementary school (a reward given to absolute fucking retards). His sister is honestly the hottest fucking girl on the planet and I would fuck her brains out every single day of the week
What's the matter with that kid over there, and who's the hot girl next to him?
Him? Oh, that's John O, and that's his banging sister next to him.
by dude748399294756 August 12, 2017
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A sexy, hunky beast of a man. A truly gorgeous sight. So hot he’ll make you sweat at the thought of his gargantuan biceps.
Emily: Did you see John O Connor?
Eric: OMG Yasss he was so hot!!!
by Ilikemennoidont January 3, 2022
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