Posh word for "clothes". Often seen in the written form, but pretentious when spoken.
Sir, are you looking to buy some apparel?
by Dr NRG April 28, 2011
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verb; paralized by the thought of shopping, or selecting fashionable clothing to wear; indecision or lack of knowledge at choosing fashionable clothing; often a result stemming from being printimidated
"An afternoon at Nieman Marcus left this Midwestern housewife apparelized."
by NY Fashionista September 21, 2009
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a pear that is obscure and insignificant but also cool.
Dude I have a major craving for some apparel.
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A Beach/ Party/ Music/ Lifestyle Clothing company from Laguna Beach that is founded on the Laguna Beach slang word "GOOCH" that means awesome or epic!
"That Gooch Apparel shirt is GOOCH!"

or, That was such a GOOCH party last night!
by Weezysteez July 22, 2013
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the condition of getting one's head stuck in a pullover's turtleneck. Typical childhood trauma in high latitude or altitude regions.
-Now little John got again stuck in the turtleneck!
-Oh-no - John severely suffers from apparel phimosis!
by johanmk February 9, 2014
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A store that sells a bunch of brightly colored spandex, body suits, leotards, and some other crap that you are never going to wear, but nevertheless want.
Clara and Violet are in American Apparel.

Clara- Omg, these magenta spandex leggings are adorable!

Violet- You're never going to wear them.....

Clara- It's American Apparel. All the stuff I buy here I dont wear. I dont care. They're cute and I want them.

Clara never wears the leggings.
by you dont know Jacqueline May 17, 2010
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American Apparel is a popular and trendy US apparel manufacturing LLC.

It manufactures, wholesales, and retails all of its products, and is popular in mainstream, urban areas such as San Francisco, New York City, Seattle, and Portland.

Although slightly more priced than similar retailers, American Apparel produces all of its clothes in the United States, pays their workers a decent wage and provides them with healthcare, and utilizes cruelty free practices.

A:"Wow, I love being a cheap redneck and shopping at Wal-Mart! I got this fugly looking neon pink top for only $4!"
B:"You should really check out American Apparel- albeit not as inexpensive as Wal-Mart, their shirts are all organic, made in the US, and by happy workers at minimum wage. I'm pretty sure some child labor in China made your top."
A:"Where's China?"
by KAPELACCC December 11, 2007
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