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The way to answer a question when you're bored.
"Timmy, what is the world's largest continent?"
"Your mom."
"Hey, what are you doing this weekend?"
"Your mom."
"Hey, who do you plan on making pseudo-sexual comments about?"
"Your mom."
by Silly August 16, 2004

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1. Not funny
2. Uncool; stupid
Did you see that new Tom Cruise movie? Shit was a dud.

He thought he was being funny, but his joke was a total dud.
by Silly December 11, 2003

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In a roleplay, controlling other people's characters. This is very looked down open and is against most rp rules.
'Kim punched Kelly and watched her cry,' is powerplaying, because who are you to say if Kelly started crying or not.
by Silly August 16, 2004

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A man in his 30's who has lost all to his addiction to the crack pipe
Hey, is John on the STEM FAST diet.
Have you seen John? Yes I have he is at the shelter.
Hey man can you spare a $5 for some food,or a 20 for some rock?
I am a cracker but i like to be called a ROCK STAR
by silly March 07, 2005

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1. (Noun) A person who is foreign, usually russian, and has a small penis.
2. (Adjective) A way of saying someone has a small penis without saying it directly.
3. (Noun) Someones real name.
1. That stupid Russian has a littlepecker.
2. Go away Littlepecker
3. Hi, my name is Littlepecker
by Silly July 20, 2003

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Funnnnyyyyy!Merrick is known only for his dog voice that he puts on when he prank calls people and Rosso can read the time! They are the funniest people in the world! THE WORLD!!!
Merrick and Rosso are funny, hey bro?
by silly August 25, 2003

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when something of yours breaks
I've got some major breakage here
by Silly October 01, 2004

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