A filler for a conversation used to show response to a person's story with some interest. A listener may like the person, but this response is Often given in response to a subject that is complex and/or the person listening does not know a lot about such as a story. Used in place when listener does not want to look ignorant or does not know about subject to make an depth analysis.
Father; I just fixed the lawnmower. It had a special motor and I replaced the value along with the spark plugs. I went to the store and check the appropriate department and they had it on sale. I am looking to get some special fuel. It should work great

Son; That's good dad.
by Wolfie_56 March 29, 2020
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A sarcastic and cynical way to shut someone up by agreeing to whatever they say. Often said very quickly, making it sound like "gud gud gud"
Prashanth : hey Mr Lim, as you can see I did all my work, it wasn't easy because........
Mr Lim: *interrupts* good good good
Prashanth : ...........
by psundar3 August 12, 2011
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top notch pusssy or dick that'll get you sprung quickfast!
"shorty got that good-good"
by rhenvar January 15, 2010
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High quality kegel muscles that keep your significant other coming back and not looking for other people to satisfy their needs.
So I've been dating this guy for three weeks, and yesterday he told me he loved me. I got that Good Good.

Also refer to Ashanti's song Good Good.
by Ms. GG April 8, 2009
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