Leaving early or hiding, sometimes in order to avoid a certain person or a group of people.
"Chris is coming over tonight, he wants to talk to you."

"What? Oh Emm Gee. Fine, I'm ducking. I don't feel like dealing with him tonight. Just...call me when he leaves."

"I'm gonna go over to Clint's tonight and see a movie with him and Courtney."

"Yeah? I guess I'm ducking out then, I'm gonna take a disco nap, so call me when you guys get out of the movie."
by Anna-Rotic May 14, 2007
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To not let things get to you, and allow yourself not to be bothered or annoyed by actions or the current situation you may be in or by what other are doing to manipulate you into bitterness. When everything is building up. i.e. The saying when it rains it pours seems to make sense in describing life at times and acting like a duck is better, because ducks do not run and hide when it rains, they do not try to cover themselves up and avoid it, they do not attack the rain or try fighting it off they simply endure it with pride and dignity like it was not even there in fact they seem to enjoy it while it lasts, and above all do not seem to be bothered by the rain. Hence acting like a duck or to act like a duck is better than retaliating and making the situation worse or make everyone think its better to attack and fight rather than be dignified and work it out.
My boss was a jerk and was ripping every one of his customers off, I said something about it, and he made my life difficult by demoting me and threatened to fire me next. I went home the wife through a fit saying we owe more than we can afford and are getting evicted, my kids crying because she is screaming, the landlord is calling harassing me over raising the rent. The car needs new tires, and it barely runs and I just act like a duck and try to work it all out somehow, because its better to work it out than add to the problem with retaliation, anger and uncontrollable vulgarities.
by BobBreton April 2, 2006
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A duck is a bird thing. It swims. It's also a replacement for the word fuck
Person: Look at that cute duck!
Person: Duck you, John!
by IshiftSandvich October 6, 2015
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by Snek_ November 19, 2021
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What floats on water and weighs the same as a witch.
When asked by Sir Benomir, what also floats, King Authur exclaimed "A duck".
by Cosmicstargoat January 30, 2004
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a person who looks so charismatic and put together but deep inside is actually stressing out. Just like a duck, looks so calm on the surface but if you look underwater they’re struggling to stay afloat.

first seen on a shane dawson conspiracy video early 2019

“when you see ducks, they’re so serene and so calm and they look like they don’t have a care in the world. They’re floating around and just trying to follow the crowd. but if you look just beneath the surface their legs are moving fast, they’re just trying to stay on the water, they’re panicking they can’t have your building they can’t pay for their houses, they spend all their money on gucci, the IRS is gonna come and they’re so desperate. So what do they do *fire starting noise*”
person 1: i’m sure a duck started the woolsey wildfire.
person 2: yeah me too, probably just did it for the insurance money

person 3: bet you $10 it’s paris hilton
by hehe♡ February 1, 2019
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The dick that you are currently fucking. Meant to dehumanize and strip away the face and personality attached to the genitals that are taking care of your sexual needs during a brief period between more serious love interests.
Raquel: “Oh my god, Paul, I’m so sorry. I think I accidentally invited my duck to your pool party.”

Paul: “What duck, Raquel? No pets allowed.”

Raquel: “No. I invited the dick that I’m fucking to your party. He’s my duck right now.”

Paul: “Oh. Well. No dicks either. My mom’s really strict.”
by colterClimactic July 4, 2021
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